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astrologer in dadar east | Kundli se aarthik sthiti

Astrologer in dadar east - Know from the Kundli... why are some rich and some poor / aarthik sthiti?


Economic inequality is a deep reality of our society. A section of the society is the owner of so much wealth that there is no end to its luxuries. On the other hand, there is a large section who, despite sweating day and night, is yearning for bread two times. The largest among them is the middle class, whose condition is the worst.


Despite not having strong economic conditions, this class is spending the day somehow juggling day and night to lead a respectable life in society. While leading a difficult life in such a situation, it often comes to everyone's mind that why this happens to us. Why money runs away from us despite all efforts, Lakshmi remains angry with us. Actually, the answer is hidden in your horoscope.


Economic Status by astrologer in dadar east: According to astrology, the financial condition of a person depends on the placement of the planets in the houses of his/her horoscope. Those whose planets are favorable, they go up the stairs of success and the world sighs on seeing them. On the contrary, the person facing the effects of planets gets defeated at every step.


Many times such a situation comes that every work started gets deteriorating continuously in such a way that the self-confidence of the person ends. A person in despair is unable to cope with the circumstances and loses a life. The continuous reports of farmers dying in debt in India are an example of this.


Gold-silver diamonds gems


In view of this situation, we know about those positions of the planets in the horoscope, which make some rich, some poor. According to astrology, the second house or house of the horoscope is of wealth.


Money, treasure, gold and silver, diamonds, gems, etc. are considered from this house. It also shows how much permanent assets will be with the person. Some of the yogas associated with this house are as follows-


If a person has a benefic planet in the 2nd house in the horoscope or has a vision of auspicious planets, then such a person can get a lot of money.


If a person has Mercury in the 2nd house of the horoscope and has a vision of the Moon, then that person has always been poor. Such people are not able to collect money even after trying hard.


If a malefic planet is aspected in the second house of the horoscope, then only that person can become moneyless. These people face a lack of money even after hard work.


If the Moon is situated in the second house in a person's horoscope, then he is very wealthy. There is so much wealth in his life that he does not have to make much effort to get any comforts. Such a person earns money from foreign trips.


If the Moon is situated in the second house of the birth chart and the debilitated Mercury is aspected on it, then the ancestral wealth of that person's family also ends. Such a person is an addict.


If Moon is alone in the horoscope and no planet is second or twelfth from it, then that person remains poor for life. Even after working hard all his life, he is never able to get money.


If Mercury is situated in the second house in the birth chart, then such a person earns money, but the situation of accumulation of money is not created, that is, the amount of money that comes, goes on spending, there is no condition to deposit, so the hand remains empty. 


Apart from the second house, the study of the eleventh house is also necessary. The 11th house of the horoscope is the income house. In this, the position of auspicious planets helps a person to accumulate wealth.


If Mercury is in the eleventh house, then the person is a big businessman. When the Sun is there, the source of his income is a job. If there is more than one auspicious planet and there is no aspect of any malefic planet on them, then the person has more than one source of income.


As per the astrologer in Dadar east when Mars is in conjunction with the 11th house, a person earns money through land and property works. Such a person is a rich farmer.

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