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Astrologer in faridabad sector 14 Pitra Rin

How to recognize Pitru debt in horoscope as per Astrologer in faridabad sector 14, what is the reason, why trouble comes :
In astrology, various types of debts that a person can climb have been told. Chief among these is paternal debt. According to the popular definition of Pitru Rin, when one or two of his descendants have to bear the consequences of the sins committed by the ancestors, it is called Pitru Rin.
It can be told by looking at the birth chart of the person whether there is a debt on him or not. If a person has Pitru Rin, then there will be various kinds of problems in his life. Let us know in detail:
How to recognize paternal debt? Venus with Jupiter in the ninth house of the horoscope. Saturn and Ketu are in the fourth house and the Moon is in the tenth house. There should be Mercury in the eighth house from the ascendant and Jupiter in the ninth. Mercury in the second, seventh house and Venus in the ninth house. Mercury in the third house and Rahu in the ninth. There should be Mercury in the fourth house and Moon in the ninth. Mercury in fifth and Sun in ninth. Mercury in the sixth and Ketu in the ninth. Mercury in the tenth or 11th and Saturn in the ninth. Mercury in the 12th and Jupiter in the ninth. There should be Jupiter in 2nd, 5th, 9th or 12th house and also Mercury, Venus or Rahu.
Causes and inauspicious results of parental debt Pitru loan is mainly formed when the ancestors of the native have broken any religious place, cut down the Peepal tree, cut any such green fruit-bearing tree on which birds have a nest. Have despised the family priest or any Vedapathi Brahmin. The life of the person on whom there is paternal debt is unstable.
He is not able to achieve success in any work even after lakhs of efforts. The hair of such a man or woman starts falling white before time. The prosperity of the house comes to an end. There is a loss of honor and respect and there is a hindrance in his works.
Paternal debt prevention measures by Astrologer in faridabad sector 14: In the scriptures, measures have been given for the prevention of Pitru debt, by doing which it can be overcome. For redressal, take only money from every person of your family and donate it to a religious place. The people of the family should place the object of Jupiter i.e. Peepal tree at a distance of 16 steps from the main door of the house and do regular service to it.

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