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Astrologer in faridabad sector 16 vehicle

When do you get vehicle happiness and why vehicles do not flourish? by Astrologer in faridabad sector 16 :
Good vehicle happiness is not in everyone's luck. Every person aspires to have a big shining car, but many people are unable to buy a vehicle even if they want.
Many people do not enjoy the vehicle, they continue to suffer some kind of damage from their purchased vehicle, either the cost of the vehicle starts getting higher or accidents happen due to the vehicle.
Let us know on the basis of your horoscope whether there is vehicle happiness in your luck or not. If so how much and how is the happiness of the vehicle. The fourth house of the horoscope is called the place of happiness.
Vehicle happiness is also considered in this sense. How many and what types of vehicles you will become the owner of, it can be found out by looking at the planetary yoga of the fourth house. Along with this, the place of lagna and the ninth house should also be considered.
Good vehicle happiness is attained if the lord of the Ascendant, the lord of the fourth house and the lord of the ninth house stay in the center of each other, good vehicle happiness is attained. If Ascendant and Chaturtesh are together in the first, fourth or ninth house, then there is vehicle happiness in the dasha or antardasha of these planets.
If the owner of the fourth house is in the fifth house and the owner of the fifth house is in the fourth house, then the vehicle gets happiness. Even if the Moon is in the seventh position from Venus, one gets good vehicle happiness. Such a person becomes the owner of more than one vehicle.
If the fourth house is in the ninth house with Saturn, Jupiter and Venus and the ninth house is in the center or triangle, then one gets the happiness of many vehicles. If Venus is in the fourth house, then the person has a convoy of luxury vehicles.
The ninth house is called the house of luck. If Jupiter, Mercury or Venus are sitting in the ninth house with the lord of the fourth house, then the person has big four wheeler vehicles.
When vehicles give trouble as per Astrologer in faridabad sector 16 :
Many people are often very troubled by vehicles. Many people do not have vehicles and they often cause accidents. Many people have problems with their vehicles and the cost of repairing them is also high. Among the nine planets, Saturn is ruled by iron and due to the predominance of iron element in the vehicle, they are affected by Saturn.
The person whose birth chart has Saturn in the fourth house and at that time Saturn's Dhaiya is going on, then there is a possibility of a vehicle accident. In the Mahadasha-Antardasha of Saturn, the person should drive the vehicle carefully.

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