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astrologer in janakpuri viparita raja yoga

According to astrologer in janakpuri when there are sudden auspicious events in life, then understand that opposite Raja Yoga has got the result.
Various types of Raja Yogas are described in Vedic astrology. As the name suggests, the people who have Raja Yoga in their birth chart reach the pinnacle despite being born in a normal family. But in the horoscope of many people, there is opposite Raja Yoga. Its name is definitely 'Viparita Raja Yoga', but its effect is as auspicious as Raja Yoga.
Astrologer in janakpuri explains that Viparita Rajayoga Yoga is made up of two inauspicious houses. As we all know in mathematics, debt and debt together become wealth. Similarly in astrology, when there is a direct or visual relation between two inauspicious houses and their owners, then the effect of both the inauspicious houses changes into auspicious. This is the opposite Raja Yoga.
What is 'Viparita Raja Yoga' as per astrologer in janakpuri?
Just as Raja Yoga in the Kundli gives happiness, wealth, wealth, prestige, prestige, material comforts and progress in every sphere of life, similarly Viparita Raja Yoga gives similar auspicious results. When the Dasha-Mahadasha of the planets forming the opposite Raja Yoga comes, then the auspicious effects start coming rapidly in the life of the person.
Land, building, vehicle
Such a person gets success from all sides. During this time, the person gets land, building, vehicle happiness. But the point to be careful here is that just as one gets the result of the opposite Rajayoga, the effect of this yoga also ends at the same time. The auspicious effect of yoga does not last long.
How is 'Viparita Raj Yoga' formed?
According to the rules of astrology, when the lords of the triad house i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth house in a horoscope make a conjunction with each other, then Viparita Raja Yoga is formed. Due to the formation of a conjunction between the lord of the triad, both eliminate the opposite effect of each other.
The result of this is that the person in whose horoscope this yoga is formed, he gets its auspicious effect. If the planets forming the opposite Rajayoga are weak in the triad or are weak in the Navamsa Kundli, then they give their power to the ascendant.
Similarly, if the planets forming opposite Rajayoga in the center or triangle are strong, then the aspect or conjunction makes the Lagna strong. If the planets forming the opposite Raja Yoga are not able to give their power to the Lagna, then the person gets benefit from someone else's success.
How suddenly one gets the result of opposite Raja Yoga
Viparita Raja Yoga is formed by the combination of the lords of the triad houses i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th houses. The sixth house of the horoscope is the negative house. If a person has a debt of lakhs of rupees and such a way comes out or with the help of someone, that debt gets removed in one stroke, then it should be understood that the person has got the result of opposite Raja Yoga.
Similarly, the eighth house of the horoscope is considered to be the house of poverty.The twelfth house is called the place of expenditure, if the poverty of a person is suddenly removed, then it will also be considered as the result of opposite Raja Yoga. Similarly, the twelfth house is called the place of expenditure.
If the expenses of a person are suddenly controlled and money starts accumulating in the bank, then this also happens due to the effect of opposite Raja Yoga.

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