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astrologer in lajpat nagar Manglik

As per astrologer in lajpat nagar what is Manglik Yoga, how does it affect our life and behavior ?
Mars has a special place among the Navagrahas. In religious texts, this planet has been called the commander of the gods. A person who has Mangal dosha in his horoscope has to face many problems in his life.
When there is Mars at some particular place in the horoscope, then Manglik Dosh is formed. Due to this some things are taken care of in marriage. Know at which place Mars is in the horoscope, then what is its result-
1. Generally Mars gives inauspicious results in its dasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha or transit, but Mars gives its auspicious results in the 28th year. The effect of Mars lasts throughout life.
2. If there is Mars in the seventh house, then the person remains harsh towards the life partner or colleague.
3. Mars in the eighth and twelfth house affects age and physical abilities.
4. If Mars is in the 4th house, then the person does not get excellent family happiness.
5. If there is Mars in the first house, then the personality of the person is attractive, but these people are very angry.
Manglik Bhanga Yoga explained by astrologer in lajpat nagar
So far you have learned how to do Manglik Yoga, but it is worth noting that some Due to this, Manglik Yoga also gets dissolved. By taking information about Mangli-Bhanga Yoga mentioned in the scriptures, you will find that only a person (jataka-caste) is Manglik, almost Manglik Bhang takes place. Giving proof of the verses written in the scriptures, I am giving the details of Mangli-Bhanga Yoga.
1.Jamitre ch yada shori lagne ba hibuke jatha.
Eighth dvadshe chaiva bhum dosha do not videte. (astrology)
Meaning: If in the birth chart, the fourth house, the seventh house, the eighth house, and the outer house Shani Dev is seated, then the native's Mangli-Bhanga Yoga is formed or it can be said that the person is not a manglik.
2. Tanu wealth happiness Madana Yularbha Vyag: Kujstu dampayam.
Vighatayati tad-grahasho na vighatayati tugmitregeheva (Muhurta Chintamani)
Meaning: Mars sitting in the first house, second house, fourth house, fifth, eighth, outer house creates disintegration in the married life of the bride and groom but in its own house i.e. self-occupied Mars (Aries, Scorpio) or exalted (Capricorn) or Friend regional Mars is not a dosha factor.
3.Sable guru bhrigou wa lagne dungayi vathva bhume. .
Vakrani nichari – Household Vark Sthappi or not Kuja Dosha. . (resulting martand)
Meaning: In the birth chart, if the sacrificed Jupiter and Venus are in the ascendant or in the seventh house, but Venus is not with Mars, or Mars is retrograde, low or in the enemy's house, or if it is set by the Sun, then Manglik Yoga is not formed.
4. If Guru Devta becomes Yogakaraka and casts his sight on Mars from anywhere in the horoscope, then Manglik Yoga is disturbed because Guru Devta is considered to be the most auspicious planet, which reduces the evil effect of Mars.
5. If the deity of Mars becomes exalted by being the yogkaraka, then even then Manglik Bhanga Yoga is formed because even a good planet will never give bad results of exaltation.
6. If Mars deity makes a conjunction with Guru deity in the lagna kundli, even then Manglik yoga is disturbed because the auspiciousness of Guru deity reduces the bad effect of Mangal Dev.
7 .That is, the strength of the moon should be more.
8. If Mars deity is yogakaraka and equal to exalted and self-signed in the lagna kundli and sitting in the center in the 1,4,7 house, then Manglik Bhanga yoga is formed, why Mars deity makes Pancha Mahapurush yoga named Ruchak but degree and strength are definitely there. Check it out
9. Manglik Bhanga Yoga is formed even if Mars deity is sitting in conjunction with deity Rahu.
10. Even if the deity of Mars is 0° or 28° degree, then Manglik Bhanga Yoga is formed. Why?
If there is no strength in the deity of Mars, then how will he give bad effect as per astrologer in lajpat nagar.

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