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astrologer in r k puram sector 1 Prashna

Astrologer in r k puram sector 1 - When will the disease be cured, the secret will open the question horoscope

Every person has two main desires in life. One, he should have a lot of money and secondly he should always remain healthy. He keeps trying day and night to get these two priceless things, but both of them are rarely

able to come together.

In the desire to earn money, a person reduces his attention to his health and one day suddenly a big

disease comes in front of him and then his earned money starts being spent in the treatment of the disease. Therefore, along with earning money, it is very important for a person to take care of health.

When a person is suffering from disease, then he reaches doctors as well as astrologers with his horoscope to

know when he will be cured. In every form of astrology, there is an answer to every question of man. One such mode is Prashna Kundli. Many people do not have their own birth chart, in such a situation their assistant becomes Prashna Kundli.

Prashna Kundli is when the person asking the question reaches an astrologer to get the answer of his

question and the horoscope is prepared on the basis of the time of asking the questioner.

The horoscope is prepared on the exact time at which the question is asked and

the answer is given on the basis of it.

Astrologer in r k puram sector 1 - Result statement on the basis of question ascendant

1. If there is a malefic planet Mars, Saturn in the first house, or Mars, Saturn, Rahu,

Ketu in the ascendant and if there is Moon or any malefic planet in the eighth house,

then there is less chance of the patient getting healthy. and suffers death.

2. If the malefic planets are in the 8th or 12th house and the Moon is in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th house in

the question-lag chart, the patient dies soon. If the Moon is in the first position,

the Sun is in the seventh position and Mars is in the aspect of the Moon in Aries,

then the patient does not get well.

Know the duration of the disease according to the constellation

On the basis of Nakshatra also, it can be ascertained whether the patient is cured or not. For this it is necessary to see when the person's disease started. That is, when did he get into trouble for the first time. The condition of the patient is told on the basis of the constellation that was there at that time.

1. The person who starts the disease in Swati, Jyestha, Poorvashadha, Poorvabhadrapada, Poorvaphalguni, Ardra and Ashlesha dies.

2. If the disease starts in Revati and Anuradha, then the disease persists for a long time and

goes away after giving a lot of pain.

3. If there is disease in Bharani, Shravan, Shatabhisha and Chitra, then the disease remains for 11 days.

4. If it is in Visakha, Hasta and Dhanishtha, then the disease remains for 15 days.

5. The disease occurring in Mool, Kritika and Ashwini disturbs them for nine days.

6. If it is in Magha, then for 7 days and if Mrigashira is in Uttarashada,

then the disease persists for a month.

7. The disease caused by the remaining constellations goes away quickly.

8. In Bharani, Ashlesha, Mool, Kritika, Visakha, Ardra and Magha Nakshatra, if someone gets snake cart, then he dies.

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