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Astrologer in sarojini nagar | Good speaker |

Know the sum of successful (intense) speaker by astrologer in sarojini nagar.


Human life is completely dependent on the influence of planets, the type of planetary yoga is formed in the horoscope, the same kind of life is obtained, everyone makes every effort from his side to make life successful and better, but at the level The planets are formed in the Yoga Kundli, up to that level only success is achieved in life as per astrologer in sarojini nagar.


Everyone's aspiration is for good living as well as respect and high position and prestige in society, but it is necessary for them to have planetary yoga in the horoscope, some important planetary yogas have been told in the basic texts of astrology, from them There are some major planetary yogas which give a high degree of success i.e. strong financial position, comforts, high position and special prestige in respect.


Giving speech is a very difficult task for many people, as soon as they stand on the stage, they sweat. Although it is also true that after speaking from the stage three or four times, your fear ends or diminishes. You become a speaker, but being a good speaker is not easy.


Be it corporate, politics, college, society or any other field, the demand for skilled speakers is everywhere. It must be difficult but not impossible, with a little practice like driving and swimming and following some rules consistently, you can become a good speaker, yes, but the path is not easy without a creative mind.


A good speaker always takes care of certain things, but how we can achieve this by improving ourselves, let us know. When you are on stage, it is important to believe that this is your stage, you are your power and it is necessary that you have complete control over it because if you do not feel it inside you, then you will not be able to hold on to your point of view. Be humble but not submissive.


Astrologer in sarojini nagar agrees there should be truth in the figures and words, and keep the views firmly. Even if a scared person gets up to give a speech, then an inconsistency will come out of his mouth - will say something of some - before the completion of one thing he will leave it and start saying another.


Forgetting to continue the flow of the story, you will start saying irrelevant things. When the listeners are in a position to ridicule those strange things, then the courage of the speaker will also be broken. The amount of time he had to speak—without completing what he had to say—he would be silent. It is the defeat of the speaker as seen on the fallen face of the defeated soldier on the battlefield.


In this way, many speakers who experience defeat while being ridiculed, lose their courage and in future do not have the courage to stand on the stage and speak. Another big deal is the rhythm and style as per astrologer in sarojini nagar. If the speaker continues to demonstrate his knowledge in unison, perhaps more than half of the audience will fall asleep.


Therefore, the atmosphere should not be boring, so it is necessary to avoid it. It is very important to develop rhythm, juiciness and an interesting style in your talk. Just feel your point, and put it in front of the public in the same emotional way, see how the audience will flow with you.


Before speaking it is also necessary to keep in mind who are the listeners, who is the majority. It is known that children are sitting in front, so you have to keep their mood in mind, if there are women, then you have to put things related to them in your own words. If we are corporate, then we have to take stories, stories related to their daily life, youth lives in some other kind of mood and people of village countryside want to hear different things.


You must have seen many political leaders or film actors while coming on stage, how they are filled with enthusiasm and enthusiasm as soon as they come on stage, their enthusiasm is not empty, their knowledge and grip on the subject is the real sparkle in their eyes.


There is a reason. So obviously it is very important to prepare in advance for the subject you want to speak on. Nervousness is something that happens to everyone, whether it is a skilled player or a novice, so it is equally good to avoid it from dominating yourself.


The only way to avoid this is practice, because if you want to learn swimming then you have to get into the water, nothing will be done by sitting on the shore and learning the tips of swimming. The most important quality of a speaker is his fearlessness, hesitation.


Fear is the one who is cowardly - in those many vices, lack in sins, there is also a cowardice in curses. A timid man keeps on dying every step of the way, whereas natural death comes only once in a lifetime. A fearful man, under the control of cowardice, does not think worth thinking and does not do.


No one has the desire to take his help, but one rarely believes in him that he can fulfill some big purpose. The timid man has passed away and is considered an object of mercy.


Stuttering in oratory is mainly due to cowardice and cowardice, otherwise we have to talk to friends, even in the home market. When there is no difficulty in pronouncing the word, then why should there be an obstruction at the time of speech, often the fearful nature of the speaker proves to be the main obstacle in stumbling on the occasion of oratory.


There is a lot of difference between both boldness and fearlessness, yet they can be called friends and companions. Selflessness is not the only reason for hesitation to hesitate, there is also a feeling of hiding or animosity in it. Distraction is also due to deceit and also because of alienation.


There are different types of apprehensions from strangers, they can be angry - they can feel bad - they can ridicule - as such fears remain in the mind, so the person who says it feels right to keep his mind hidden. . This difference is also seen due to being small and big.


There is often no open talk between the servant and the master. The servant's mind is suppressed and frightened by the weight of the master's nobility. The master considers his servant dependent, insignificant, inferior and it seems inappropriate to talk about his mind by bringing him on an equal footing.


He finds his wits in it. In the same way, the servant-masters do not allow the koji to talk openly, and even though they are very close, they live very far - like a river from one bank to the other, at a distance that never meets. Hesitation is also a reason for the lack of man's own character or ability in hesitation. There are many such reasons for shyness.


Whatever they may be - it can be concluded that in addition to the modesty necessary for etiquette, shyness is undesirable in every respect. She proves the shy person to be possessed by petty things like submissive, backward, uncultured, anti-social, courageous, etc.


The horoscope of Scorpio ascendant, the Ascendant should be visible from the Guru in the twelfth house, Saturn should be in benefic house, Rahu and Moon should be in the fourth house, Venus should be visible from the Ascendant in the seventh house of Swahi and Sun with the lord of the eleventh house.


If the conjunction is in an auspicious place, as well as the Guru's vision on the tenth and second house, then the person becomes a sharp and sharp leader. Its effect should be from the house of politics. The Sun has also been given the title of the ruling planet agrees astrologer in sarojini nagar.


If the Sun is situated in the tenth house through its own sign or exalted sign, Rahu is related to the sixth house, the tenth house and the eleventh house, then it creates the possibility of getting success in politics. Due to the influence of the lord of the second house in this yoga, a person becomes a good speaker.


You must have often seen such people whose speech is very attractive and effective. Whenever he speaks, he attracts everyone's attention with the effect of his speech. Such persons attain social prestige by becoming the best orator, astrologer, preacher, poet, journalist, politician, teacher, singer etc.


Let us know which are those planetary yogas that make a person a great speaker. When speech from second house, second house and Mercury-Guru is considered in the horoscope. If there is a good relation of Mercury-Guru in a horoscope such as change of zodiac, vision relation or conjunction, then such a person is a strong speaker.


If in addition to the relation of Mercury-Guru, the second house is in auspicious houses and the second house is under the influence of auspicious planets and there is no sinful effect on any of them, then such a person earns status and wealth on the basis of his speech.

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