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astrologer in shalimar bagh delhi sanyasa

If there is such a yoga in the horoscope, then the person will leave the family as per astrologer in shalimar bagh delhi:-

In the Hindu scriptures, the whole life of man is divided into four parts. These four parts are called four ashrams. The first of these is the Brahmacharya Ashram. This is considered till the age of 24 years.
The second ashram is the grihastha ashram. It occurs from the age of 24 to 48 years. The third one is the Vanaprastha Ashram, which lasts from 48 to 72 years of age, and the fourth Ashram is the Sanyas Ashram. It occurs from the age of 72 to the last moments of life.
Horoscope tells whether the person will become a sannyasin or not
According to the Ashram system in Hinduism, every human being has to do his work. But many people have a strong longing for sannyas since childhood.
Why is it that many people want to become sannyasins, recluse since childhood. According to Vedic astrology, whether a person will become a monk or not, it can be ascertained by looking at the planets in his horoscope.
Something like this happens when Pravya Yoga is formed
According to Vedic astrology, a person in whose birth chart four or more planets are sitting together in one place, then Pravajya Yoga is formed. In common language it is also called Sanyasi Yoga.
But the thing to keep in mind in this is that out of all the planets sitting together, it is necessary that one of the planets should be strong. Even if the planet is strong but is set, then sannyasa yoga is not formed, he only becomes a follower of a sannyasin.
What kind of sanyasa yoga from which planet
Of the nine planets, Rahu-Ketu are shadow planets, so by removing them, a total of seven planets remain. If there is a strong Sannyas Yoga in the horoscope of a person and the planets that make up the Yoga are stronger, according to that the person is a Sannyasin.
Let's know how explains astrologer in shalimar bagh delhi :
1. If the Sun is the most powerful of the planets that make up Sanyas Yoga, then the person who lives on the banks of a mountain or a river, the worshiper of Sun and Shakti is a sannyasin. 2. If Moon is a powerful planet, then the person becomes a sannyasin of Shaivism and he becomes a seeker of a high order by following the footsteps of his guru.
3. If the powerful planet is Mars, then the person wearing red clothes is a sannyasin. Such a person is reclusive and makes a living by begging.
4. If Buddha is strong, then the person is a devotee of Vishnu, but he is a knower of tantric practices. Such a person also gets speech accomplishment.
5. If Jupiter is strong, then the person becomes a monk, ascetic, knower of religious scriptures, performs rituals like Yagya.
6. When Venus is strong, the person is a Vaishnava, a fasting person.
7. If Saturn is predominant in the planets forming Sanyas Yoga, then the person is a Naga Sadhu who does severe penance.
Note: To know which planet is strong in the horoscope, the horoscope can be confirmed by showing it to an astrologer.

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