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astrologer in Uttam Nagar Rajeshwar Yoga

Is there Raj Rajeshwar Yoga in your horoscope?Astrologer in Uttam Nagar explains

One of the most auspicious and lucky yogas of Vedic astrology is 'Raj Rajeshwar Yoga'. This yoga is a type of Raja Yoga. The person who has this yoga in his horoscope, that person has all the means of wealth, property, opulence, luxuries. And he lives in the time of kings.

Such a person earns fame in the world due to the influence of the Sun, while due to the moon, he is the owner of a very good nature, due to which every person respects such a person. The native is intelligent and creative under the influence of the government.

A person with Raj Rajeshwar Yoga has been seen in government jobs even in high positions. The person who has Raj Rajeshwar Yoga in his horoscope, his family life is also very pleasant and he is happy with family members. Lives life.

How Raj Rajeshwar Yoga is formed According to Vedic astrology, Raj Rajeshwar Yoga is formed when Jupiter's zodiac sign is in Pisces and Moon is in Cancer in the horoscope. Both the planets should be in benefic position and should not be in 4th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope.

What to do for the Full Benefits of Yoga as per astrologer in Uttam Nagar:-

For the strength of the Sun: For the full benefit of Raj Rajeshwar Yoga, it is necessary to keep the Sun and the Moon strong. To utilize the full power of the Sun, offer water to the Sun every day at sunrise and regularly recite the Aditya Hrudaya Stotra. Keep a red sandalwood garland around the neck. Ruby can also be worn in gold with the advice of an astrologer.

To strengthen the moon, offer raw milk and water to Shivling every day. On every Monday, offer a fistful of Akshat by writing 'Om' with white sandalwood on the Shivling. Wear white clothes on Monday. Do not consume milk, curd, rice during the night on Monday. By worshiping Shiva regularly, both the sun and the moon are strengthened.

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XXXXX Jan 19, 2023 - Thursday

Dear vedic-astrologer-kapoor.com Admin, exact here: Link Text

Sakthi Jun 06, 2022 - Monday

Sir, if moon is along with saturn, will this yoga be effective?

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