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astrologer nearby malefic Sun remedies

If there is a sun defect in your horoscope, then do it like this as per the astrologer nearby
If you are suffering from Sun, your Dasha-Antar Dasha is going on, or Sun is situated in 6th, 8th and 12th house or is aspected by malefic planets or Sun is weakening and giving trouble in any way, then let us know. By taking which remedies, the sun starts giving good results.
Astrologer nearby suggests the measures taken from the following remedies will prove to be effective-
Feed jaggery to monkeys or donating jaggery, copper, wheat, red cloth, red cloth, etc. is beneficial.
Putting a mixture of seven grains in front of brown ants also strengthens the sun.
While going for some work, leaving the house after eating jaggery gives success in work due to the auspiciousness of the Sun.
Aachman before the meal, take out little things from the plate for food and dedicate them to the fire.
Remedies for Sun compatibility by astrologer nearby :-
Taking seven pieces of copper, whose size is four times four, and pressing them into the ground, the sun becomes strong.
Feeding wheat loaf and jaggery to a cow without horns is beneficial.
Wearing the root of the vine and putting it in the amulet of copper makes the sun strong.
On Sundays, taking a bath by putting Mimosa or Manjishtha vegetation in the bathwater is beneficial.
If the Sun is afflicted in the second house, then take something free from anyone. If brother's wife, mother, and sisters suffer, then give coconut, almond oil in the place of religion.
Shubh Phal
If the Sun is in the 3rd house, do not buy silver jewelry or any other item. Keep sugar, rice, and milk by your side at night and distribute them to the poor in the morning.
If the Sun is weak in the fourth house, then giving food to blind and luna is beneficial.
If the Sun is malefic in the fifth house, then after doing Surya Namaskar in the morning from Sunday, take water in a copper vessel, add jaggery or honey and drink it little by little on the next day. By doing this for 43 consecutive days, the malefic effects of the Sun are removed and auspicious results are obtained.
If the Sun is doing bad and giving inauspicious results then...
If Sun is giving inauspicious results in the sixth house, then feed jaggery and gram to monkeys and feed ants with jaggery mixed with millet.
Sun situated in the seventh house or Libra is a hindrance in the field of marital happiness, business, etc. At night, extinguish the fire with milk and pour honey in the mouth, and drink water from above.
If the Sun in the seventh house is giving inauspicious results, then eat salt at least, improve your stubborn nature and quench the milk in the fire at night.
If the Sun in the eighth house is giving inauspicious results, then serve a white-colored cow.
Don't drink alcohol...
If the Sun in the ninth house is proving to be inauspicious, then use brass utensils more in the kitchen.
If Sun is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu in the tenth house or in Capricorn, then there are obstacles related to the state, problems related to heart disease, and livelihood.
If the Sun is giving inauspicious results in the eleventh house, then do not consume alcohol and do not eat meat.
If the Sun is proving to be inauspicious in the twelfth house, then eat flour ground by flour mill or hand mill at home.

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