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astrologer remedy Dasha-Antardasha of Moon

If you are suffering from Moon then do these astrologer remedy :-
If you are afflicted by Moon, you are running the Dasha-Antardasha of Moon or Moon is situated in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house or if this conjunction is visible to malefic planets, in any way the Moon is weak if the Moon is in any house of the horoscope. If sitting suffering then there are problems like maternal distress, mental distress, phlegm disease, lung disease, or loss of money, etc. If Moon is in the eleventh house and Ketu is in the third house, then the mother suffers during childbirth, water migration, and long-distance travel. When there is Moon in the eighth house, when Rahu transits in the ascendant, then the person suffers a lot in that year. For example, problems with children, lung diseases, kidney, epilepsy, and cancer, etc.
Keep fast on Monday don't eat salt
If there is Moon and Ketu in the benefic house or Moon-Ketu in any house, then the son does not have children till the grandfather is alive or the son becomes blind, painful, or short-lived. When this happens, the mother washes the face and eyes of the child with her own milk as soon as the son is born. Keep a fast on Monday, do not eat salt. In the first part of the night, go to the temple of Shankar ji, bathe the Shivling with Panchamrit and offer Bel leaves and white flowers. Pray to Shankar Ji to pacify the moon.
The following astrologer remedy will strengthen the moon
On Sunday night, keep milk in a white vessel at the head. On Monday, after waking up in the morning, without speaking to anyone, offer milk to a Peepal or Acacia tree. Press red-colored stone or jaggery in the soil. Keeping the water of the cremation ground in your house strengthens the moon. Come out of the house by touching the feet of the mother and give milk to the small children. Make a silver moon and worship it regularly.
Worship white linga
Cleanse the root of Khirni and wear it in an amulet. Worshiping the white linga also makes the moon strong. If there is Saturn, Moon, or Scorpio's Moon in the eighth house, then if there is a well near the house, then close it. If the Moon is in the ascendant or in the zodiac sign, or if the favor is inferior, then such a person should not do the business of milk. Such a person should take natural water, rice, silver, milk, etc.
If Moon is in 3rd house then astrologer remedy...
If the Moon is in the third house or in Gemini, or if it is giving bad results due to lack of favor, then donate white-colored clothes to the girls.
If the Moon is weak in the fourth house and is giving inauspicious results, then the person should not consume milk at night and should be given free milk to others.
If the Moon is giving you trouble by being in the eighth house, then keep the water of the well located within the limits of the cremation ground in your house and donate shrouds to the dead. Start water service at the cremation ground.
If the Moon is doing evil by being situated in the tenth house or in Capricorn, then never drink milk in the night, or else the trouble will increase. Such a person should donate milk and water.
If the Moon is doing evil by being situated in the house of benefic or in Capricorn, then offer milk in the temple of Bhairav Ji or black Shivling and give milk to the child of a black dog.
When the Moon is in Aquarius or the eleventh house, the mother of the person moves from there to another place at the time of delivery of the woman and she is able to see the face of her child only 42-43 days after the birth of the child.
If sleep is being disturbed due to the moon, then it is beneficial to get a copper nail inserted around the bed of the sleeping bed.

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