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astrologers chattarpur Dream Interpretation

Astrologers chattarpur on what happens when a snake appears in a dream :-
The relation between snakes and humans has been there since the beginning of creation. There are many stories related to snakes in Hindu scriptures and Puranas. The snake is considered to be revered in Hindu scriptures. It is the necklace around the neck of Lord Shiva and is the bed of Lord Vishnu. While on the one hand the snake is considered to be revered, on the other hand, many myths and auspicious and inauspicious signs related to it are also prevalent. If a snake is seen for real, then due to fear, he perspires. Even if a snake is seen in the dream, then the person gets up in a panic.
In a dream, if you see a snake in a temple or a snake is seen in a temple in the waking state, then it is considered auspicious. Sighting a snake while visiting a temple is a sign of a fulfillment of a wish soon.
If you see a snake climbing a tree, it means that some auspicious event is going to happen in your life soon. It is also a sign of progress. Along with this, it is also considered a sign of sudden profit or getting back the stopped money.
If a snake is seen wrapped around the Shivling in the dream, then it is also an auspicious sign. This means that the blessings of Lord Shiva are with you and you will soon get success in the work you have been struggling for a long time to complete.
If a poor person sees a snake descending from a tree, it is a good sign for him. It is considered a sign of strong wealth.
If you are going for some special work and at that time a snake crosses the path from your right-hand side then it is auspicious. It indicates that the work you are setting out for will be completed. Seeing a white snake in a dream is considered very auspicious. it is a symbol of wealth
It is not good to see a dead snake in a dream. This is an indicator of some major crises in the near future. To avoid its inauspicious effects, go to Shiv temple on five Mondays and offer water or raw milk to Shivling.
If a wealthy person sees a snake descending from a tree in a dream, then it is a sign of great loss for him. If you see such a dream, then you need to be careful in financial matters.
While leaving the house for some important work, if a snake bites your way from the left-hand side, then there is a need to be careful. This is a sign that there is doubt in the completion of the work you are going for. If this happens, then come back home and leave after praying to Lord Shiva.
Seeing a snake-serpent pair in a dream is an inauspicious sign. If you see snakes and serpents doing love, then move away from there. It reports a great loss.
Astrologers chattarpur on Scary dreams come every day.... is this the reason?
Dreams come to everyone. They are of all kinds. Makes someone laugh and makes someone cry. If you scare someone, you make someone happy, but do you know that if you constantly have scary dreams every day, then the reason for this can also be the Vastu defect present in your house. Many situations are responsible for bad and scary dreams, such as the direction of the bedroom, the direction of your sleeping, the position of the objects in the room, etc. Let us know what are the situations due to which you have nightmares and what can be their solution.
Head should be towards south and feet towards north while sleeping
According to Vastu, everyone knows that while sleeping, the head should be towards the south and the feet should be towards the north, but if your head is like the washroom in the bedroom while sleeping, then this is also the main reason for bad dreams. Due to this, the negative energy of the washroom enters the body through your brain and makes you restless.
Negative energy comes from junk
Nowadays double beds are boxed, in which a lot of household items are stuffed. Keep in mind that if you have stuffed unnecessary things in the bed on which you are sleeping, then it will disturb your sleep. Negative energy coming out of useless things will not leave you even in sleep and you will have nightmares. Therefore, keep only bedding or work items in the bed box.
Dirty shoes should not be kept under the bed.
Dirty shoes and slippers should not be kept under the bed. This is a major source of negative energy. Many people have a habit, they come from somewhere outside and go to their bedroom with shoes and slippers and take them off under the bed. Keep shoes and slippers outside the bedroom and if you sleep after washing your feet, then bad dreams will not come.
Do not use cartoon printed sheets
Beautiful cartoon print bed sheets are available in the market for children's bedrooms. Most kids like them too, but don't do it at all. Cartoon-printed bedsheets give scary dreams to children. Instead, use beautiful flower prints or bedsheets in simple plain colors.
Astrologers chattarpur explains What to do....
Put salt in the water and wipe it daily in the bedroom. This will lead to a flow of positive energy and you will also get good sleep. If possible, put a Tulsi plant in the bedroom window. Nightmares never bother with this. Keep a jug or bottle full of water by your head while sleeping at night. With this pure energy will remain around you and there will be no nightmares. Keep some cardamom tied in a cotton cloth under the pillow. Scary dreams don't come from this. Burn a little camphor in the bedroom while sleeping.
Astrologers chattarpur on what does it mean if the office is seen in the dream...
In most dreams, we see only those things, whose sanskaras are running in our mind and mind. Our dreams have nothing to do with the waking state. We often forget some things seen in dreams, which were very important in our life. Dreams are a combination of human memories, feelings, fantasies, thoughts, desires, and above all his fears.
If you see your own operation in a dream, then worry is destroyed. Seeing in a dream the job of a clerk in an office - a sign of bad times. If you are seeing the opening of a new office in your dream, then there will be progress in the business. Being an office official in a dream is auspicious.
Astrologers chattarpur on if you are committing suicide in your dream...
Seeing in a dream the office in which you work, getting the senior position of the same - Signs of suspension. If you see the scene of a seat, sleeping bed, palanquin, car, house, and your own body on fire in a dream - there is an increase in the economic situation. If you are committing suicide in your dream then you will get good news and good health. If you see a woman committing suicide in her dream, then she will have a long life.
astrologers chattarpur on seeing someone else commit suicide in a dream...
Seeing someone else commit suicide in a dream - increases mental anxiety. If you see a sick person in your dream, then the person you are seeing will soon become healthy. Seeing your enemy committing suicide in a dream - There will be profit in business. To get ornaments in the dream - to be profitable in business. If jewelry is seen in the dream - family expenses will increase.
If a married woman wears gold ornaments in her dream...
If a married woman wears gold ornaments in a dream, the wife or loved one dies. If a woman is seen wearing more than one ornament in a dream, then the husband will prosper. If a virgin woman is seen wearing jewelry in her dream, then she is married in a rich house. If in a dream an infertile woman is seen wasting her time, then she will get a child.
If a virgin girl is seen wasting time in her dream...
If a virgin girl is seen wasting time in her dream, then her marriage is of her choice and takes place in a wealthy house. If you hug someone else in a dream, you get the information of bad omen and deception. If a woman hugs a foreign man in her dream - it is a sign of her being defamed. If a man is seen hugging a woman in a dream - there is an increase in libido.

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