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astrologers in faridabad city today benign

Know how the Raja Yoga of Taurus Ascendant is formed by astrologers in Faridabad city today:
Taurus is a stable ascendant. It is found between 30 degrees to 60 degrees of the cycle. Vrisha means bull. The bull is a hardworking animal. The bull is calm by nature, but once anger comes, it assumes a fierce form. The lord of this zodiac is Venus. Venus is also a benign planet.
This zodiac sign of earth sign is of stable nature. Once he decides, he takes his breath by doing it. Venus being the ascendant is considered an auspicious planet in the horoscope of this ascendant.
Mercury being the lord and the fifth lord is the causative planet in this ascendant. Shani also becomes the auspicious yoga Karak by becoming the lord of the lord and the tenth lord, provided he should be strong in the horoscope.
Let us know what is the Raja Yoga formed in the horoscope of the Taurus ascendant.
One who is born in Taurus ascendant and the full moon is exalted in the ascendant and also four, five, six planets are exalted or self-gracious or friend, inauspicious Navamsa, in Kendra Trikona or exalted Moon in the ascendant, Leo.
If Sun is in the fourth, Saturn in Aquarius is in the tenth, and Jupiter in Scorpio is in the seventh house, then the person enjoys happiness by becoming comfortable in a big position.
If the Moon of Taurus is in the Ascendant, the Sun of Leo is in the fourth house, the Jupiter of Scorpio is in the seventh house, the Moon of Aquarius is in the ascendant or the exalted Moon in the Ascendant, the Jupiter of the exalted is in the brotherly house, the Mercury of the exalted is in the fourth and exalted If Mars is in the lucky place, then the person becomes a good politician.
If the four planets also sit strong in their own right as per astrologers in Faridabad city today
If there is Gemini Mercury, Cancer's Moon, Leo's Sun, Scorpio's Mars, Aquarius's Saturn, Pisces's Jupiter, and Taurus's Venus, then all these planets are self-possessed. Such people serve society by becoming very popular in society.
If Jupiter is in Taurus, Moon in Gemini, Mars exalted in Capricorn, Saturn in Leo, Mercury-Sun in Virgo, and Venus in Libra, then a man is a very big man.
This is how happiness comes
If Venus is in Taurus ascendant, Moon in Gemini is strong in the second position, and Jupiter in Cancer is in the third position in its exaltation, then a person becomes very mighty, wealthy, successful, and respected.
If there is an exalted Moon in the ascendant, the self-occupied Sun in the fourth, the Jupiter of Scorpio in the seventh, and the Saturn of Aquarius in the tenth, then a person gets wealth, fame, the reward for his might in the police or army, etc. and if the exalted moon is in the ascendant. If Gemini's Jupiter is in the second house, Saturn or Sun is in the sixth house, Pisces' Venus is in the eleventh house, then a person becomes wealthy.

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