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Astrologers in safdarjung enclave Pravrajya

Pravrajya Yoga by Astrologers in safdarjung enclave Pravrajya:In astrology, in the yoga horoscope of sanyas, love of God is considered from the fifth house and rituals related to religion from the ninth house. If there is an auspicious relationship between the ninth and fifth lord, that is, between devotion and rituals, then the person becomes a high-class seeker. The tenth place is called the place of action.
Therefore, if there is a relation with the fifth house, ninth or ten lord, then excellence comes in the result. Saturn is a just planet. It purifies and purifies the thoughts of the native by taking a difficult test. If Saturn is related to the ninth, fifth or ninth lord or fifth lord, then the person becomes an ascetic.
In the birth chart, if four, five, six or seven planets are together and sit in any one zodiac, then such a person is considered a sannyasi. But in all these planets, it is necessary to sacrifice one planet. Sanyas Yoga is not formed by the gathering of only four or more than four planets.
Out of them, one planet should be related to the tenth or tenth house and one planet should be strong. If the Sun is a Pravrajya factor, then the person lives in the ashram on the banks of a forest, mountain or river. The Sun makes the worshiper and celibate of Ganesha and Shakti.
If the Moon is a transitory factor, then the person becomes a devotee, a solitude and a devotee of the Goddess.
If Mars is a Pravrajya factor, then the person is a worshiper of Buddhism, wearing ocher clothes, Jitendriya, a monk who takes alms. If Jupiter is a Pravrajya factor, then the person becomes a beggar, a penitent, an ascetic, a seeker of the secrets of the scriptures, a celibate, and therefore a ocher-clad person.
If Venus is the factor of Pravrajya, then the person is a devotee of Vaishnava religion, a sanyasi who performs fasting. Its goal is to cultivate meaning through devotion. If Saturn is a Pravrajya Karak, then the person becomes Digambara, naked, fakir and harsh ascetic. When four or more than four planets congregate in one rashi, there is a tendency towards renunciation.
Man's body and mind are thought of by the Ascendant and Moon. When the relation of Ascendant and Moon is with Saturn, then the person becomes a sanyasi. If the aspect of any planet on the Lagnadhipati is on Saturn, then Sanyas Yoga is formed.
If there is no sight of any planet on Saturn and the sight of Saturn falls on Lagnadhipati, then Sanyas Yoga occurs. If the sight of Shani falls on a weak ascendant, Chandra Rashipati i.e. the zodiac sign in which the Moon is in the birth-time does not have a vision of any house on its owner, but if there is a vision of Saturn on the Rashipati, then such a person should have a strong dasha, antardasha of Shani or Rashipati. There is sanyasa yoga.
If the birth sign is weak, if there is a vision of sacrificial Saturn, then Sanyas Yoga is formed. If the Moon is under the influence of Saturn and it is aspected by Saturn, or if the Moon is in the Navamsa of Saturn or Mars and Saturn is aspected, then Sanyas Yoga is formed.
If Saturn is in the ninth house, there is no sight of any planet on it, then such a person becomes a sanyasi even when he is a king, and sometimes even if he is a sannyasi, he becomes a king. If the Moon is in the ninth place and is not visible from any planet, then even being a Rajayogadi, a sannyasi is like a king.
If Moon and Mars are in one zodiac sign and Saturn has vision on it, then the person becomes a sanyasi. If Saturn and Jupiter together are present in the ninth or tenth and are in the same Navamsa, then the person becomes a sannyasi as per Astrologers in safdarjung enclave.

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