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Astrology remedy for good health

Astrology remedy for good health || Tomato disease prevention:-Skin diseases - When red rashes have emerged on

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the skin, swelling on the mouth, bleeding from the teeth, and scurvy disease due to blood defects, then the raw juice

of red, ripe, and juicy tomatoes is very beneficial in these conditions.

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Astrology remedy for good health Fever -

By taking raw tomato juice, the taste of fever is pacified, and fever also subsides.

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Eye diseases -

Eye diseases are caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A in the body. Tomatoes contain a sufficient amount of vitamin A. Therefore, the eye-patient is benefited by the consumption of tomato.

Indigestion -

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Roast the tomatoes by keeping them on the fire. Then add rock salt and black pepper to it and eat it, then the indigestion goes away.

Mouth ulcer -

Dilute tomato juice in water and gargle with it and eat tomatoes in abundance, the blisters will be cured.

Itching -

Mix two tola coconut juice in 1 tola juice of tomato and massage it and drink sweet red tomato juice with the

quantity of 2 tola in the morning and evening. Mixing the juice with some lukewarm water and drinking it gives quick benefits.

Bleeding from the gums -

Taking tomato juice from 2.5 tola to 5 tola thrice a day in the morning, afternoon and evening stops

bleeding from the gums.

Dry disease of children -

By giving one teaspoon of fresh tomato juice 2-3 times a day, rickets of children are cured, as well as they,

become healthy and strong.


By consuming more tomato juice and tomato curry, the amount of sugar in the urine decreases by purifying the blood of the diabetic patient. It also makes more blood.

Rajayakshma Tuberculosis (TB) -

Mixing one and a half tola of cod liver oil in 8 tolas of tomato juice and giving it after meals gives relief from the disease within a few weeks.

Black spots on the face -

Cut a wide piece from 1 tomato and keep it on the dark spots of the face and tie it daily, they disappear soon.

Avoidance of the navel -

This is also called the avoidance of the humus. Make 2 parts of a tomato, take out the pulp between their two pieces and empty it, and by filling 9 Ratti of roasted icing and heating it on the fire, sucking the navel comes in its place.

Diarrhea and constipation -

By slicing tomato fruit from the middle, filling one gram of kutaj powder in it and after heating it on fire and cooling it, eating it, it is beneficial in diarrhea and constipation.

In case of increase in heart rate -

Extract juice of two fresh tomatoes and mix 1 teaspoon of Arjun bark powder in it and give it to the patient, then the increased heartbeat should calm down.

Nail hemorrhoids -

Mix three-three teaspoons of roasted cumin, dry ginger, black salt powder in half a pound of tomato juice and eat it in the morning and evening, or eat it after cutting the fruit and adding rock salt to it, bloody piles will be cured.

Head boils -

Applying camphor and coconut oil mixed with tomato juice is beneficial in head boils.

Dandruff on the scalp -

Rubbing the scalp with tomato juice mixed with sugar clears the dandruff of the scalp.

On hallucinations –

1 part of tomato juice, 4 parts of sugar syrup mixed in one and adding a little clove and black pepper powder to it, taking it gives quick benefit in this disease and nausea, vomiting and thirst, everyone gets peace.

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