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Benefic and malefic planets

Benefic and malefic planets:-Auspicious, inauspicious and sinful planets and their effects in the horoscope

Jupiter (Jupiter) Venus Mercury and full strong moon are auspicious planets. If Mercury is alone in the horoscope

or with auspicious planets, then it becomes sinful if it is with auspicious and sinful planets. Sun is also a cruel planet but is somewhat less cruel than Mars.

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When there is no effect of malefic planets on the auspicious planets Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon in any way, as well

as the special ascendant, fifth, ninth, fourth, seventh house, and there is no effect of sinful planets on these houses,

it means that important aspects related to the life of the person like seventh house. (Marriage) fifth house

(children, intellect, education, love, rebirth, etc.), fourth house, ascendant

(the foundation of oneself and the whole life) and happiness-giving planets, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon,

all these sins should be away from the effect of planets. If there is an effect of the planet of sin, then if

there is not more than one, then life passes very easily and happily.

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But when maximum number of malefic planets are affected by these houses, the auspicious planets are also under

the influence of malefic planets, then life passes with difficulty because auspicious planets are the planets that give permanent happiness and the sin planets are the planets that give sorrow. Even if there is any happiness due to this reason, it is for a very short time, in a way, it is said that happiness is created to create sorrow. As both the seventh house and the seventh house are suffering from the sinful effects of Saturn and Rahu, the marriage karaka guru If there is no effect of auspicious planets on the seventh house and seventh house due to the influence of Saturn, Rahu, or Shani Ketu or Mars on Venus, then even after getting married, these sin planets would have ruined married life by making married life painful after some time of marriage.

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Planets continue...............

No matter how much effort the person or caste tries to improve the married life, but this sin planet leaves no stone unturned to ruin the married life by making it painful. If the effect of planets is on married life, then married life is very pleasant and comfortable. If the effect of malefic planets is less on the fifth house, fifth house, and fourth house, etc. Happiness center triangle house, 3 6 8 11 and 12 house of sin planets. If the position is in the horoscope, then these sin planets do not put more cruel and sinful effects on life, as well as auspicious planets and Kendrash Trikonesh and the lord of these houses should be free from sin planets.

In this way, if the position of the malefic and malefic planets on the horoscope of a person is in the right place and according to the conjunction-yoga-vision-relationship etc., then life will pass happily and smoothly if the important aspects of life are under the influence of malefic planets. If the aspect is more, then life will pass through suffering and struggle.

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