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best astrologer in janakpuri 8th house

Why are people afraid of the eighth Shani, what is the reason for this asks best astrologer in janakpuri ?: 
In Vedic astrology, the eighth house of the horoscope is called the house of death. That's why people are often afraid about the eighth place. And if Saturn comes in this house i.e. Saturn comes in the eighth house then it is natural to be afraid.
Let us know today whether the arrival of Saturn in the eighth house is really fatal? And does Saturn in the eighth house really ruin a person's life and give him pain like death?
8th house is not considered auspicious
Eighth House is inauspicious according to Vedic Astrology. It is also a triple house. From this house the age of the person, the cause of death and its nature are considered. People are afraid of Saturn coming in the eighth house because Saturn is the planet of eighth house and the cause of death.
If Saturn is situated in the eighth house, then its vision remains on the tenth, second and fifth house. Due to this, there is an effect of Saturn on the business of the person and his field of work, wealth, education, children and death etc. At this place, the combination of other planets, Saturn gives auspicious and inauspicious results according to the vision.
But it is not necessary that the eighth house Saturn always gives trouble. Saturn is also the causative planet of age, so Saturn in the eighth house also makes the person longevity.
Effect of the eighth Saturn on the nature of the person
If there is Saturn in the eighth house in the horoscope of a person, then the person is courageous, virtuous, learned and eloquent. If Saturn is in a benefic position, it makes the person fearless and generous in nature.
However, the nature of such a person can also be somewhat mysterious and he can be knowledgeable of astrology, occultism, witchcraft, tricks, occult sciences. If Saturn is in a bad state, then the person always indulges in evil and condemnation of others. Because of this, he may often have to face humiliation and slander.
The heart of such people is very small and sometimes they also do petty acts. The people who have Saturn in the eighth house, they do their work at a slow pace. Calling them lazy would not be an exaggeration. Sometimes such people get in a hurry.
best astrologer in janakpuri on Impact on the life of the person:-
The person who has Saturn in the eighth place in his birth chart, many times he gets into bad company and starts doing wrong things.
Such a person indulges in theft and is caught.
Such a person becomes addicted to alcohol or any kind of intoxicant and in that he spends all his money and time.
If Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius are in the eighth house, then the eighth Saturn makes the native wealthy after marriage.
If Saturn is in the eighth house, then the person does not get formed from his own brothers and sisters. This person does not get belongingness and love from family.
A person with eighth Shani has a relationship with a woman of lower caste than himself. There are more daughters than sons in the family of a person with eighth Shani.
The eighth Shani gives diseases related to stomach and digestive system to the native. The native has joint pain, teeth and nail diseases.
Talking about death, the person in whose horoscope the eighth Saturn is in the horoscope, the person suffers from disease for a long time and then he dies.
Eighth Shani also becomes a hindrance in the work business of the native.
There is instability in the job. Businesses also have to change frequently.
How to reduce the bad effect of 8th Saturn as per best astrologer in janakpuri?
Worship of Hanuman, Shiva and Durga is beneficial if there is Saturn in the eighth house in the horoscope.
Such a person should stay away from addictions, intoxicants, alcohol, meat etc.
Feed the black dog with ghee regularly.
Offer a beggar a full meal every Saturday.
Wear a silver chain around your neck.
On Saturday, shed 1.25 kg black urad, 1.25 kg sesame in any holy river.

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