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Billionaire in astrology

Billionaire in astrology:-Not only millionaires but billionaires also make this yoga of astrology

If you know even a little astrology, then you can see for yourself the yoga of being wealthy in your birth

chart. Know some major miraculous wealthy yoga-

Kendra Trikona Raja Yoga(Opens in a new browser tab)

(a)If an auspicious planet is sitting in the second house of the horoscope, then the person

gets a lot of money.
(b)Even if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on the second house of the birth chart,

the sums of rich wealth are formed.
(c)The lord of the second house i.e. the second lord is considered to be Dhanesh,

so even if there is a vision of an auspicious planet, the person does not lack money.
(d)Even if an auspicious planet is sitting with the lord of the second house i.e. the second house,

the person has a lot of money.

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Billionaire in astrology continues..........

(a) When Jupiter i.e. Guru is situated in the center of the horoscope.
(b) Jupiter should have complete vision on Mercury. (5,7,9)
(c) Jupiter is situated in the benefic house (eleventh house).
(d) The second lord being of exalted sign should be sitting in the center.
(e) The lord of the second house should be sitting in the center being exalted from the place where the

lord of the Ascendant is sitting.
(f) Dhanesh and labhesh should be exalted.
(g) Moon and Jupiter should have a conjunction in any auspicious house.
(h) Jupiter being Dhanesh should be with Mars.
(i) Moon and Mars should be together in the center.
(j)Moon and Mars should be together in a triangle.
(k)Both Moon and Mars should be together in a benefic house.
(l)Auspicious planets are sitting in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the ascendant.
(m)The seventh house should be in its exalted sign in the tenth house.
(n)The seventh house should be in the tenth house and the tenth should be with the

ninth in its exalted zodiac.

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