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Litigation in Astrology

Court cases and litigations can be taxing. Not only do they affect you financially, but also emotionally, mentally, and physically. Top Rated Astrologers In Delhi has a cure for this too. By studying the position of the heavenly bodies, a specialist astrologer can predict if you are going to be successful or lose the litigation. Seasoned astrologers like Astrologer Prateek Kapoor can go a step further and tell you how to make use of the planetary positions in your favour and reap maximum benefits.

To understand the true essence of litigation in astrology, it is advised that you visit an expert like Astrologer Kapoor. By proper analysis of the planetary positions, and the placement of the Sun, Moon, and other stars, he will advise you on the right time and strategy for helping you win the case in the court. Delhi Best Astrologer has helped hundreds of men and women to chart success through litigations and court cases successfully.

In Muhurat Shastra of astrology, the importance of date, war, constellation, yoga and Karan remains paramount. The combination of these five is called almanac. Dates have five nouns, among them Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and Poorna. In these also, the date of Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi has been termed as the date of vacancy. Their merits and demerits also occur according to their names.

In Nanda Tithi, it is best to start any kind of film industry, fashion show, setting up of heavy industry, trading of diamond jewelery, all the work related to luxury and entertainment.

From Bhadra Tithi, success in health, education and competition, it is better to start a fierce business. Jayatithi is also considered to be the best for the judicial department, along with the administrative departments, for starting any kind of education competition, foreign exchange, resolution, and litigation.

Vacancy date operations are considered to be the best to eliminate enemies and get rid of debt. In the same way, it is auspicious to complete all the pledges and actions done. Vacancy is considered the most among these five because the date of vacancy is a factor of solitude, peace, listlessness and renunciation. A person born on the date of vacancy is devoted to others, his life is not for himself but for society. Most of the people in such persons are monks.

The vacancy dates are Lord Ganesha of Chaturthi, Shakti of Navami and Shiva of Chaturdashi respectively. According to the resulting astrological scripture Manasagari, ‘Rikta Tithau Vitarkagna: Pramadi Guru Nindakah. Shastrajists madhanta erotic erotic naro bhavet.

The person born on this date is a guesser in every work, a blasphemer of the gurus, a person who knows the scriptures, a destroyer of the ego of another and is extremely weak. Vacancy date is discarded while starting work business or considering any Muhurta. The works started in it are fruitless, but in case of coincidence of special planetary constellation, it also has the power to give auspiciousness, as if it is Saturday on the day when the date is falling, then ‘Shani Rikta Samayoga Siddhayoga: Vartate’ Yoga provides accomplishment by eliminating all ill effects.

Similarly, if Nanda is on Friday, Bhadra on Wednesday, Jaya on Tuesday, Rikta on Saturday and Poorna on Thursday, then the date is called “Siddha”. Similarly, if the vacancy date is Thursday, this coincidence is a very annoying yoga, most of the work done in it is not only a loss but in most cases it is a failure.

In Chaitramas, there are zero dates on both the vacancy date of Navami, Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha in Jyeshtha month, Chaturdashi of Shuklapaksha in Kartik month, Chaturthi of both sides in Paushamas, Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha in Phalgun month. These dates should not work auspiciously. If you are starting any kind of auspicious work, then it is very important to consider the date of vacancy and the formulations made from it.

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