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Famous Astrologer In Dwarka Delhi on Prahars

Famous Astrologer In Dwarka Delhi agree that Indian astrology has very well defined and divided time according to the moves of the Sun, planets, and constellations. The prevailing belief is usually present in seconds, minutes, hours, day and night, month, year, decade, and century, but astrology has one molecule, three-dimensional, error, perforation, lava, Nimesh, moment, timber, short, Dand, Muhurta, Prahar or Yam, Day, Paksha, Month, Ritu, Ayan, Year (Five distinctions of the year - Samvatsar, Parivatsar, Idvatsar, Anuvatsar, Yugavatsar), Divine Year, Yuga, Mahayuga, Manvantara, Kalpa, two at the end The larger time pattern of Brahma, up to one day and night, is set.
The person is born on which side of which date, on which date, in which muhurat, determines his future. Then during the above date, which constellation was traveling in the sky, which planet was traveling in which zodiac and constellation, seeing all this, one can estimate the past and future of the person. It is presented here in which house the native has taken birth, what will be his future or his character.
What is Prahars asks Famous Astrologer In Dwarka Delhi ?

According to astrology, there are 8 strikes in 24 hours of the day and night. On average, a Prahar is of three hours or seven and a half hours in which there are two Muhurats. A stroke is for 24 hours.
A total of eight Prahars, including four by day and four by night. Based on this, the time of the singing of each raga in Indian classical music is fixed. Each raga is composed according to Prahar.
Names of Eight Prahars says Famous Astrologer In Dwarka Delhi :
Four poles of the day - 1. Eastern, 2. Mid-day, 3. Mid-day and 4. Mid-day.
Four-night guards - 5.Pradosha, 6.Nishith, 7.Triyama, and 8.Usha.
  • First Morning Strike
    The first stroke of the day starts at sunrise which is called Poorvahan. It is also called the first stroke of this day. Its time is between 6 am and 9 am. This stroke is partly satvic and Rajasic, but not negative.Children born in this city make great progress in life. However, at the beginning of their lifespan, their health is a little disturbed. Children born in this Prahar are sharp-witted and truthful.
  • Second-morning stroke
    The second day of the day when the sun comes to the head remains till midday. This stroke lasts from 9 am to 12 noon. It is pure Rajoguni Prahar. Children born in this Prahar are interested in politics and administrative work. Children born in such a house earn a lot of wealth or fame by leading.
  • Third-morning stroke
    The third half of the day is called Apranh (afternoon). This time is between 12 noon to 3 pm. It is tamoguni time. Children born in this city have to struggle for education at the beginning of their life. There are obstacles in education. The child born in this Prahar is also stubborn. However, by understanding the nature of such children, they can complete their education if they work with them wisely.
  • Fourth-morning stroke
    The fourth and last stroke of the day is called evening. The time between 3 pm and 6 pm is evening. This prahar is sattvic but it has the primacy of tamoguna. It is said that children born in this time have an interest in areas such as art, music, film, media, glamor. It has also been observed that children born at this time are more likely to have a love marriage.
  • The first stroke of the night
    The first stroke of the night is called Pradosh Kaal. The first hour of the night is from 6 pm to 9 pm in the evening. Satoguna has dominance in this Prahar. Those born in this stroke can usually have eye and bone problems. Children born in this Prahar have a tendency towards mystery or spirituality.
  • Second Night Strike
    The second half of the night is called Nishith. This stroke is between 9 pm to 12 pm. In this prahaar, both tamasic and rajasik means predominance but it is not completely negative. Children born in this city have a lot of artistic ability. However, it has been observed that there are obstacles to their education. If education is not completed or not educated, then its future will also be surrounded by darkness.
    • The third stroke of the night
      The third hour of the night is called Triyama which is between 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock the night. This is also called midnight. This time has been considered pure Tamasak. Children born in this Prahar go away from their home and get success in career. It has also been observed that those children do not have a good relationship with their family, that is why they stay away from home family. However, this does not bode well for his future.
  • Fourth stroke of the night 
    This Prahar is called Usha Kaal. The time between 3 pm and 6 am is also called the last stroke of the night. This stroke is purely satvic. Children who are born in this Prahaar are intellectually capable and stunning. They also have a curiosity about spirituality. Although they stay away from the talk of worldliness. They achieve their own place.
  • Sandhyavandan: Sandhyavandan is performed mainly in two types of Prahar: - Purnah and Usha period. The evening is called where there is a meeting of day and night. Prayer or puja-aarti is done in the evening, this is the rule. Prayer or aarti between 12 and 4 o'clock in the day and night is considered forbidden.

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