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famous astrologer in dwarka delhi on home

As per a famous astrologer in Dwarka Delhi, the mutual attraction of the planets suggests that the person will have his own house or not. If it were, then how big would it be. How it will be Every person has a dream, has a house of his own.
From birth journal it can be known when and how your own home will be. If the auspicious combination of Saturn-Rahu-Chandra-Venus is formed in the fourth place in the horoscope, then the native enjoys the pleasure of living in palaces. If Chandra and Venus IV are together with Chaturth-Karmesh Chandra-Saturn, then the person becomes a house at the age of 28 or 35 years.
If Ketu or Mars is there in Karkhansh Kundali IV, then Jataka has an old house due to being Guru-Surya-Rahu in IV. Otherwise, he uses wood more in life. If the Virgo is Lagna and Mars is in Karma and Jupiter in the ninth year, then at the age of 28, the person's house is built. If the lord of the fourth and Lagna is sitting in a strong ascendant or fourth house, then the person suddenly gets the sum of the house at the age of 25 to 28 years.
If there is a sin effect on the fourth, then Bhavan Yoga is formed after the age of 40 years. Sometimes yoga is postponed. [ famous astrologer in Dwarka Delhi ]
If situated in the fourth house, then the native should not get a building constructed in his name. Otherwise, you have to suffer. If the fourth factor or fourth sign is in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, then the person is transferred again and again or he is not able to live in the same building. If Chaturthish is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius then a person spends his life in the same house.
Where to build a house, where not to:-
After buying a plot, many things should be kept in mind while building a house on it. The roads built around the plot, the length and width of the plot, the trees on the plot, wells or wells on the plot, etc. should all be taken care of.
Where not to build a house: Do not build a house on the plot behind the temple of Brahmadev or in front / behind a Vishnu, Surya, Shiva, or Jain temple.
Apart from this, while building a house on the plot, leave more space in the North, East, and Northeast. The slope of the roof of the house should also be in the north or north. Sewage, tap, etc. should also be in the north or south.
The windows should be more towards the east and north. Do not make windows in the south. Do not even build a kitchen in the northeast. Always build an outhouse in the west or south and a garage in the east or north.
The door of the house: main door [ famous astrologer in Dwarka Delhi ]
* There should not be away in front of the door, otherwise the progress of the householder will not happen.
* Children are sick because of having a tree in front of the door.
* If water keeps flowing in front of the door, there is a loss of money.
* If there is a temple in front of the door, then there is no happiness in the house.
* If there is a door in front of the pillar, then there is a loss of the woman.
* If the main door is one (main door), they always keep it in the east. If there is an entrance of two doors, then make it in East and West.
* If the door is lower than the ground, then the men of the house remain addicted and unhappy.
* If there is a passage in front of the house (way, temple, etc.), then leaving twice the height of the house ahead of the house does not cause any fault.
* If any path passes through your house or building or ends at the building, then it is auspicious.
* The main door of the house should always be bigger than the other doors.
Change the atmosphere of the kitchen  with positive vibes
Vastu is nothing but positive vibes in a home. If you do the things that have been creative intent and with positive vibes, the food that you cook in the kitchen will be like Amrit and everyone in the family will enjoy it. The following tips will help you keep a positive Vastu environment
You cook food by humming, but sometimes try cooking with the tune of music. You must be feeling strange that what is the use of music in the kitchen? In today's routine and busy life, working women are found to be very stressed. In such a situation, if some changes are made in their lifestyle, then it does not take long to become stress-free.
Music lowers stress levels, that's why we say you cook while listening to the radio. The point is clear. One art is the nurturer of another art. Music and cooking together will change the whole ambiance of the kitchen. Cooking is also an art. The music will gradually release your inner anxiety, stress, and hustle and you will get engrossed in cooking.
You are mostly alone in the kitchen. The melody of music will keep you away from the feeling of loneliness. Enjoy both the arts together and try out good cooking. For this, keep a Walkman or a small transistor. You can listen to certain types of music to reduce anxiety and stress. This will relax the brain and the food will also become delicious. You will enjoy cooking. When you feed food cooked in a good mood to the people of the house, you will see its taste in their eyes.
The kitchen is the only place that is connected to every room of the house. When any member of the family comes from outside hungry, instead of going to his room, first of all, he looks into the kitchen. The delicious food cooked by you keeps all the family members connected to the kitchen. Just as it is necessary to eat food with patience, in the same way, it is necessary to cook with patience.
Often you will find many such women who are not satisfied with eating cooked with their own hands. Women who say this, think with a cold mind whether cooking is a compulsion or a hobby for them. For any woman who is a compulsion to cook, the taste will be far from her hands.
Before cooking anything, decide how you like it. No matter how many spices are added to food cooked with anger, tension, and restlessness, it will not taste that which will come from the mind only in food cooked with simple turmeric salt. So, before stepping into the kitchen, cast off all your worries and tensions for a few moments. Prepare yourself by heart. When you cook food from the heart, it will cook well and will be appreciated by all.

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