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Famous astrologer in Goregaon | Kalratri Shani

Famous astrologer in Goregaon - What to do on Durga Saptami to reduce the inauspicious effect of Shani?

The three-eyed goddess Kalratri is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri. Due to their black color,
they are called Kalratri. In order to kill Raktabeej, the king of Asuras, Maa Durga had created them with her
own strength. Scattered hair, shiny jewelry, thousands of flames on breathing, sword in right hand, lower
hand for blessings, burning torch in left hand and lower left hand makes devotees fearless.

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What is the relation between Maa Kalratri and Shani Dev?

Maa Kalratri and Shani Dev, who destroys dark situations and protects from time, have a deep relationship. The color of Shani Dev is black and the form of Maa Kalratri is also black. Maa Kalratri is the destroyer of Asuras and Shani Dev is also known to punish the wicked and tyrants. The lord of Saptami Tithi is Sun God and the father of Shani Dev is also Sun God.
Therefore, there was a brother-sister relationship between Maa Kalratri and Shani Dev. The special thing is that this time Saptami Tithi is falling on Saturday only. Let us know how to worship Maa Kalratri in this
auspicious coincidence so that the grace of Shani Dev remains intact.

Worship like this as per famous astrologer in goregaon:-

1- On the day of Saptami, offer jaggery to Maa Kalratri and distribute jaggery to the poor in the form of
prasad, which will destroy the ill-effects of Shani Dev.

2- The evil effect of Shani Dev will end only by chanting this mantra "Or Goddess Sarvabhuteshu
Maa Kalratri Rupen Sansthita Namastasyai Namastasya Namo Manah".

3- On the day of Durga Saptami, offering honey mixed with milk to Maa Kalratri pacifies the
bad effect of Shani Dev.
4- By reciting Shaptashati duly on this day, the effect of Shani's half-and-half and dhaiya also gets reduced.
5- On the day of Durga Saptami, by chanting at least one rosary of Navarna Mantra-
"Aim Hreem Klein Chamundayai Vichai", the bad effect of Shani Dev starts reducing.
6- Shani Dev is the messiah of the poor, so on the day of Saptami, if you make khichdi by adding black urad dal
and distribute it among the poor, then the grace of Shani Dev will remain.
7- To please Shani Dev, on the day of Saptami, recite Shani Stotra and do Havan with Belgiri,
Amla and Mustard oil.

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