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Famous astrologer in south Delhi Cancerians

According to Lal Kitab and famous astrologer in south Delhi, the Cancer sign is considered in the fourth

house, whose moon is considered as the fourth. The element of water is the lord of the dominant Cancer sign and

it is owned by the north. According to Lal Kitab's horoscope, there are many conditions for the moon to be bad or good. If you are a native of the Cancer zodiac, then general advice is given here for you

according to the Red Book.

Yogas prediction in horoscope(Opens in a new browser tab)

Characters table: hee, hu, hey, ho, da, dee, doo, dey, doe.
Horoscope: Calm, soft, and soft nature.
Cancer is in the heart of Cancer. Its causative planets are considered lunar and Mars. The lord of the Cancer element, the predominant water element, is Chandra. The part is variable and the ascendant sign of Cancer ascendant is Taurus and the obstructing planet Venus. But according to Lal Kitab, enemies and friendly planets are decided according to the horoscope.
There is a lack of sensitivity and feelings in the heart. Extreme restlessness and mental stress remain. Thoughts of committing suicide come up again and again. The person becomes extremely pessimistic.

sun in first house astrology(Opens in a new browser tab)

Caution and Remedy: Get married only after completing 28 years. Go barefoot to a religious place. [ famous astrologer in South Delhi ]
Start a journey by eating rice or curd from the mother's hands. Do not disobey the mother's orders. Keep Rajma seeds in the temple. Offer yogurt, rice, or milk to the daughters. Offer water to the big tree every day. Do not tell your mind to anyone. Fast on Monday.

Cancer Ascendant and Ayushya Yoga [ famous astrologer in South Delhi ]

1. Sun is not an antidote for Cancer ascendant even though it is Marrakesh. Venus will act as an assistant in Marrakesh. Saturn and Mercury are extremely sinful and inauspicious. The planet giving life is Moon.
2 Cancer ascendant people die from water. Due to infectious disease, fire, wound, capsar, diabetes, ascites, some epidemic, and excessive exertion.

Best Astrologer In East Delhi Ruchak(Opens in a new browser tab)

3. The average age of the Cancer ascendant is estimated to be 70 years in normal conditions. Afterlife 11 months, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, 20, 27, 32, 35, 38, 42, 45, 47, 51, 55, 58, 59, 61 and 67 years There is a fear of physical pain and little death in the age of.
4. If Moon is in Taurus in Cancer lan, Saturn is in Libra and Jupiter is in Capricorn. So the person becomes completely successful and Chiranjeevi.
5. If Cancer is in the Navamsa of Cancer ascendant, Mars is in Capricorn in Jupiter's center, Venus is in the ascendant, then such a person is a Chiranjeevi.
6. In Cancer ascendant, if Venus is centrally placed in Gopurasha. If Jupiter is in Paravatansh and is in a triangle, then the person becomes Chiranjeevi.
7. If Cancer is ascendant and Sagittarius is in Navamsa and Jupiter is ascendant in Navamsa and three or four planets are exalted in Navamsa, then the person becomes successful and eternal like Brahma.
8. If there is a Jupiter in Cancer ascendant, daytime birth is in Shukla Paksha and Mars is in seventh and Saturn is in the fourth house, then the person becomes successful and Chiranjeevi.
9. Cancer is ascendant and all the planets from Cancer to Capricorn are exalted or possessive respectively or Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo. If Saturn is in Libra, Taurus or Mars is in Capricorn, then the person becomes long-lived, successful, and long-lived like sages.

Astrology and Ayushya Yoga(Opens in a new browser tab)

10. Jupiter should be in Cancer ascendant, Saturn should be in Libra. Sun is in fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) with Mercury, Moon is in Taurus. If Venus is in Gemini, then the person is long-lived, successful, and vivacious like the sages. 
11. If the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or silent sign in Cancer ascendant, then the person has a well-deserved body. [ famous astrologer in South Delhi ]
12. If Moon is in Cancer ascendant and it is aspected by Moon, Saturn, and Mars, then the person is of short stature and humpback.
13. If Jupiter is in Cancer ascendant, Mars is in Capricorn and Venus is in Pisces or Taurus, if all other planets are in Kendra places, then the person suffers 120 years of Paramayu.
14. If Jupiter Moon is in Cancer ascendant, Venus and Mercury are in Kendra, Sun, Mars, and Saturn are in 3rd, 6th or eleventh house then such a person suffers 120 years of Paramayu.
15. In Cancer ascendant, if the Moon of Scorpio is in the fifth house, Jupiter is in the triangle and Mars is in the tenth house, then the person has a long life.
16. If Saturn is in the eighth house in Cancer ascendant, then the person enjoys longevity or if Saturn is in the fifth house of Scorpio, then there is longevity.
17. In Cancer ascendant, if Saturn is central with Moon in the seventh house, then the person is healthy and enjoys longevity of more than a hundred years.
18. In Cancer ascendant, if the tenth lord is Mars in the fifth house, if the eighth lord is in the center of Saturn with other benefic planets, then the person lives for a hundred years.

astrologer in gurgaon sector 14 women marry(Opens in a new browser tab)

19. In Cancer ascendant, if the eighth lord Saturn is aspected by Jupiter and Venus in the ascendant, then the person attains longevity for a hundred years.
20. If the Moon in Cancer ascendant belongs to the sixth Sagittarius, if there is no malefic planet in the eighth house and only then the auspicious planet is central, then the person attains a healthy age of 86 years.
21. If Jupiter is exalted in Cancer lane, Moon is the strong and auspicious planet is in Kendra-triangle, then the person enjoys the age of 80 years.
22. Saturn in Cancer ascendant Aries, Mars fifth Scorpio. If the Sun is in the seventh Capricorn, then the person attains a healthy age of 70 years.
23. In Cancer ascendant, the ascendant Moon is aspecting the Ascendant and all the auspicious planets are in the center, the age of the person is 70 years.
24. If Sun-Mars is Saturn in Cancer ascendant, Moon is in the twelfth or fifth house, Jupiter is weak then the age of the person is 70 years.
25. Jupiter+Mercury Sun should be in Cancer ascendant. If Saturn is in the ninth of Pisces and the Moon is in the twelfth of the enemy region, then a type of Raja Yoga is formed, but the age of such a person is only 66 years old.
26. If Libra's Moon is fourth in Cancer ascendant, their Mars is seventh, their exalted Sun is in the tenth house with any other benefic planet, then such a person passes away at the age of 50, enjoying kinglike opulence.
27. In Cancer ascendant, Saturn in the seventh house is placed in the sixth or eighth house along with the malefic planets, then such a person passes away at the age of 5 years.
28. If Saturn is in Cancer ascendant along with any other planet, Moon is in the eighth or twelfth house, then the native passes away at the age of 52 years, becoming a theoretical and scholar.
29. In Cancer ascendant, if Moon is in the eighth house with malefic planets and Saturn in the eighth house with malefic planets is not evil from any auspicious planet, then such a person can live only for 45 years.
30. If Saturn is Mars in Cancer ascendant, Moon is eighth, Jupiter is not aspected by sixth auspicious planets, then the person attains a short life of 32 years.
31. In Cancer ascendant, if there is a malefic planet in the second or twelfth house, if the ascendant is ascendant, the Moon is pure and the Lagna, second and twelfth house is not visible from the auspicious planets, then the person attains a short life of 32 years.
32. If Saturn is between two sinful planets in Cancer ascendant, Venus is the lord of the fourth house, with the sinful planet in the sixth house, the moon is sinful and weak, then such a person would have been killed in a weapon at the age of 67 by his own servant. Is.
33. In Cancer ascendant, if Sun is sitting in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo sign after changing their positions and it is not visible from auspicious planets, then Balarishta Yoga is formed. Such a child dies before the age of 12 years.
34. If Sun and Mars are eighth in Cancer Lamna, Lagna Moon is weak, if there is no other auspicious yoga, two arrows form Balarishta Yoga. If the remedy is not taken, such a child attains death within a month.

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