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Genuine astrologer Amavasya

An unemployed person should do this simple solution on Amavasya, Lakshmi will arrive at home as per a genuine astrologer. If you are unemployed and are struggling with financial problems day and night, then here are two small simple remedies to be done especially on Amavasya day. These measures will not only provide employment to you but will please Goddess Lakshmi Devi and will bring wealth, prosperity, happiness, and prosperity to your house and Barkat will also remain in the house. Here are 2 simple tips.
First solution by genuine astrologer-
To please Goddess Lakshmi Ji, the Goddess of Wealth, in the evening, place a lamp of cow's ghee in the northern corner of the house. Use red-colored thread instead of cotton in the light. Also, put some saffron in the lamp. This is an easy way to please Maa Lakshmi.
Second way -
If any unemployed person takes these measures on the new moon night then he will definitely get employment. For this, clean 1 lemon and keep it in the temple of your home from the morning itself. Then take it off the head of the unemployed person 7 times in the night and cut it into 4 equal parts. Then go to a crossroads and throw it in all four directions and do not look back. Certainly, this measure will create chances of benefit to the unemployed person.
Five things about your existence before you understand Astrology by genuine astrologer
After knowing and understanding the element knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Yoga, and sutra texts, its essence and squeeze are that all kinds of ideology, knowledge, system, country, time and time are important for self-discovery. To make one's own existence. To prove themselves Why?
God is important for believers, which is considered indirect knowledge, that is, we cannot see and hear it nor can we feel it, so there is no confirmation of its being or not. Only a man has written about his existence in the scriptures. To believe that it is the knowledge of any deity or angel is also indirect knowledge.
God is not important to atheists , because they believe indirect knowledge and accept the same as the basis of knowledge, sometimes inference is knowledge. According to atheists, religion is like an opium drink, which gives nothing but takes everything. It will never allow a man to become civilized. However, there are thousands of arguments by atheists.
Different from these two is a third person who can be called an existentialist. Whether God is or is not important to him. He knows that it exists. This visible world is variable, but not mortal. Where is my existence in this changing world?
Whether I am going to survive in the infinite universe or not, by coming to religion, socialism, philosophers, Baba, astrology, etc., I lose myself and destroy life. Finally, know that death is near. What did you earn?
In modern urban life, one must have found everything by losing himself. After the age of 50, life becomes a snag. The belly has come out after eating. Even if it turns out, many types of diseases have started to heal. The doctor says that now lie down on the bed. Blood pressure, sugar, stones, asthma, etc. have taken hold of you.
The thinking of all people is that religion and yoga are the work of elderly people. The young man should not get into religion and yoga, he should worry about his career. Even if he embraces death in career anxiety. He should worry about his job. Even after doing the job, he becomes a victim of many diseases.
We have brought for you the essence of the knowledge of religion and yoga, which will blow your senses. Whether or not you do something in life, get something or not, be successful or not, but do research about these 5 things to establish your existence. All knowledge on one side and these 5 things on the other side
  1. Your memory: Our memories are a major part of our existence and personality. We do not even know what we remember and what we forget. Memory is the main intellectual ability. What we see and hear becomes part of our memory, whether we are seeing or hearing it in our dreams. We also remember a person, place, event, and situation. In such a situation, they also become part of our memory. The fantasies that we keep on falling asleep also become part of our memory. Whatever is stored in our brain in the form of experience, information, and knowledge, is all organized in various forms of memory.
You are not a brain: the capacity of the brain of our body is infinite, but the Upanishads say that we are neither brain nor memory. If memories are taken away from us, we will forget ourselves, we will not recognize our parents. Without memories, we will be like a child who has just been born.
Change of memory: Scientists say that after removing your memory corpus and fit it in someone's brain, and by removing another's memory corpus and fit it in your brain, then you will start to understand yourself and another. Do you understand or not? This is a very big event.
Result: The above-mentioned words only mean that you are not memory or memory. If we want to maintain our existence, we need to look at ourselves separately. There are many methods in yoga that teach you this. There is a need to see and understand oneself from the memories by stopping mind instincts.
Advice: If you have more memories of bad events, habits, thoughts, etc. ,then the present and future will also be bad. Try to know more and more about the biological knowledge of memories. Study how to remove bad memories and strengthen and sort good memories. If you remove the extra data from your computer, then if the computer starts running lightly, then delete the shift or run cleaner. Do meditation and yoga.
  1. Your Strength: You have physical and mental strength? There is strength in the eyes, as long as there is strength in your ears, then you are listening till the day this power goes away you will also go. Whatever is fit is a hit. It is necessary to have physical and mental strength and this strength comes from good food and pure water. Only then will you have power, you can practice religion and yoga. A powerless person is like a soul.
The Upanishads state that food is Brahman because everyone's power is given by his devouring, but there are some people on earth who are alive on the strength of the Sun. They do not take food and water. The Sun has been called the soul of the world. Nowadays electricity is also being produced by the power of the sun. This means that power is derived from energy. Food also produces energy.
Result: The essence of the above is that if you have power, then only you are living your life well. Every day your energy is being lost. Does nobody ever think about increasing this power? On the day this power dissipates, on that day the person becomes dead.
Advice: Even if you think of increasing physical and mental strength, it will prove beneficial in increasing your spiritual power as per the genuine astrologer. Spiritual power is the greatest power on which physical and mental strength is sustained. But start with the body, so do yoga asana. Then do pranayama for mental strength and finally meditate to increase spiritual power.
  1. Your wish: Unnecessary desires are very much in mind, but have you ever thought about what should be my important wish? Most people desire sensual pleasures, such as walking to Meena Bazaar and eating Golgappa. Going to Chowpatty to drink and go to PR to watch a movie. Earphones will be installed in the ear all the way. Although these are also necessary for life, some people are losing their lives in this.
Truly your desires are desires arising from the senses. Is there a desire arising from the idea? Any desire to acquire some good knowledge stems? What would you like to do after much deliberation? If there is a shortage of money, then to become rich, if you do not have a house, then take a house, if you are not married, then marry.
If the daughter or son is not married, then marry them. Nobody wants to learn how to die, how to learn to be born? Is it possible to meditate? You must have read Yayati's story about wishes. If not read, click on the link below.
Result: desires are infinite. Neither the body nor the mind is satisfied by the desires of indulgence and luxury. Understand desires and make good use of the senses.
Advice: Set your primary wishes as per the genuine astrologer.Keep away from unnecessary desires. Give the same pleasure to the senses as they remain healthy. Be a little practice in terms of desires.
  1. Your senses: Only your senses or waking state are able to maintain your existence. As we said earlier, a person does not think of himself as something other than memory. This memory is created in 3 stages - awake, dream, and dormant.
Even when you are awake says the genuine astrologer, you still live an unconscious life, which is called a mechanical life. It is important to understand this seriously. Have you lost yourself in about 60 thousand thoughts running in 24 hours asks genuine astrologer ?
Meditation is the eighth part of yoga. The only meditation is such an element, which will lift you from awake sleep. It is most important to live a conscious life in all stages while walking, speaking, listening, imagining, and happiness and sorrow. Conscious means watching every action and reaction of one's own in an attentive manner, except for an independent lifestyle.
Result: Your senses will make you aware of all kinds of things. You will already know the good and bad consequences. You will not be happy and unhappy under any circumstances, you will learn to see and feel yourself without body and mind while remaining joyful.
Advice: Never watch people in crowds on the way to any place .They will see that they are living a mechanistic life by losing in their thoughts and thoughts. Running frantically. They are talking to themselves. You will feel how unconscious they are and live a mechanical life. Try to live by isolating yourself from them all.
  1. Your plan: You must have planned your life sometime. May have even died. It is most important to plan any task first. The plan is first formed in the mind. Then do not forget to put it on paper which will make it stronger. If you want to change something then keep doing it and keep updating it.
Spend an entire day wondering what I have done in my life so far? How did life live? How futile was it and how meaningful was it? Where did it fail and where did it succeed? Have I ever planned how much gold and how much work I have to do in the life of 70 or 100 years? There are many people who manage to sleep for 70 years even after doing less work, and there are many people who keep working for life, then what would think about yoga and religion?
Result: Planning brings order to life. By following the plan, life is improved and life becomes blessed by the success of the plan. It is written in the Upanishads.
Advice: Do write the plan on paper. Even if you keep it hidden, but do write it. She will be active only by writing. Do not plan your mind only. Think fast about implementing the plan and start working early. Planning is closely related to time.
As the path of destiny is fixed you can talk to our expert astrologer, the genuine astrologer and you can contact us for the best astrological advice for the past present, and future predictions.

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