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good astrologers in mumbai Diamond health

Good astrologers in Mumbai  - Diamond not only beautifies form but also takes care of health 


The splendor of Venus, which has established its hold on material things, remains on the whole world. Without Venus, there is neither happiness nor happiness and prosperity. If you want to enjoy material happiness, to get success in love, to live life comfortably, then you must wear the diamond of Venus.
Benefits of wearing diamond by Good astrologers in Mumbai :-
Wearing it increases life, benefits in health, benefits in business, increase libido.
Increase in material resources. Wearing a diamond is very beneficial for those who walk in asleep or are in fear due to some external forces.
Wearing a diamond proves to be beneficial to get success in love affairs.
Those who love but are unable to speak their mind, get the courage to speak their heart by wearing a diamond.
Film Industry, Music, Singing or Arts Sector
If there is an atmosphere of tension between husband and wife in a family, then wearing a diamond keeps peace in the house.
People of Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius zodiac signs get special benefits by wearing diamonds.
For people who are associated with business, film industry, music, singing, or art field, wearing diamonds paves the way for progress in their life.
If there is an obstacle in the marriage of boys, then wearing a diamond or opal removes the obstacle in marriage.


Health benefits
For those who have diseases related to sugar, the disease is controlled by wearing diamonds.
If women have any type of gynecological disease, then wearing a diamond or opal gives them to benefit of the disease.
If someone has the urinary disease, kidney disease, etc., then wearing a diamond gives special benefits to those people.
Men who have some secret disease or if sperm is less, then they must wear diamond or opal.
Who should not wear diamond
Diamond Up Gemstone: Due to the high price of diamonds, people are unable to wear them. If your budget is less then you can wear diamonds like opal, zarkan, kurangi, turquoise, etc.
Who should not wear diamond
Those who have Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendants should not wear diamonds.
People who are associated with the spiritual professions, such as astrology, rituals, storytellers, religious preachers, etc., should not wear diamonds.
Such people in whose horoscope Venus is suffering more or is sitting in sinful houses, those people should also not wear a diamond, otherwise, there will be a loss.
With which gems diamond should not be worn-
Topaz, garlic, and emerald should not be worn with diamond, otherwise, there is a loss.


How to wear diamond
After bathing and meditating in the morning on Thursday, but the emerald mixed with milk in the Ganges water, then on the second day on Friday, after bathing and meditating, chanting at least one rosary of “Om Dram Drin Draun Sas Shukrai Namah” to the diamond with the index finger.
Wear it on the first Friday of Shukla Paksha in Ugali. Wear Pokhraj from sunrise to 10 in the morning. Never do non-veg and smoke for these three days on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, otherwise wearing topaz will not bring much benefit.

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