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online Astrologers in delhi Kuyog misfortunes

Do not do any auspicious work in such Kuyog or else there will be trouble by Online Astrologers in Delhi
Many auspicious and inauspicious yogas are described in astrology. Usually, a person is excited to know about auspicious yogas but ignores inauspicious yogas. Whereas more inauspicious yogas than auspicious ones should be known so that proper treatment can be done before any crisis arises. There are some such yogas in astrology that have been called Kuyoga. If any auspicious work is started in these yogas, it will never be successful. These Kuyoga are made up of Nakshatra, Yoga, Tithi, Karan, Vaar, etc. Common people are not aware that which day is which misfortune is made and they start work and later when it is not successful then there is a disappointment.
Online Astrologers in Delhi explain some such Kuyog.
Famous Kuyog's of astrology....
Yamghant: This is the famous Kuyog of astrology, this Kuyog is formed when there is Magha on Sunday, Visakha on Monday, Ardra on Tuesday, Mool on Wednesday, Kritika on Thursday, Rohini on Friday, and Hasta Nakshatra on Saturday. The auspicious work started in this Kuyog is never successful, on the contrary, losses have to be suffered. Traveling in this yoga is considered strictly prohibited.
Dagdha: Dagdha Yoga is also often discussed in astrology. This Kuyog is formed when there is Bharani on Sunday, Chitra on Monday, Uttarashada on Tuesday, Dhanishta on Wednesday, Uttaraphalguni on Thursday, Jyeshtha on Friday, and Revati Nakshatra on Saturday. On the day of this mismatch, that constellation becomes dazzled. The work started in this ends before it is completed.
Musal: Whatever work is done in a misery called pestle, there is a terrible loss of money. This conjunction is formed when Abhijit is on Sunday, Purvabhadrapada on Monday, Bharani on Tuesday, Ardra on Wednesday, Magha on Thursday, Chitra on Friday, and Jyeshtha Nakshatra on Saturday.
Severe loss of money Musal:
Whatever work is done in a misery called pestle, there is a terrible loss of money. This conjunction is formed when Abhijit is on Sunday, Purvabhadrapada on Monday, Bharani on Tuesday, Ardra on Wednesday, Magha on Thursday, Chitra on Friday, and Jyeshtha Nakshatra on Saturday.
Kaaldand: It is believed that the person who suffers from this disease, never gets cured and the victim has to suffer death. This Kuyog is formed when Bharani is on Sunday, Ardra on Monday, Magha on Tuesday, Chitra on Wednesday, Jyeshtha on Thursday, Abhijeet on Friday, and Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra on Saturday.
Vajra: The person who travels in this Kuyoga is prone to accident. If any business is started in this, then it has to be closed soon. This Kuyoga is formed when Ashlesha on Sunday, Hasta on Monday, Anuradha on Tuesday, Uttarashada on Wednesday, Shatabhisha on Thursday, Ashwini on Friday, and Mrigashira Nakshatra on Saturday.
Yamadanshtra: Magha or Dhanishta on Sunday, Visakha or Mool on Monday, Bharani or Kritika on Tuesday, Punarvasu or Revati on Wednesday, Ashwini or Uttarashada on Thursday, Rohini or Anuradha on Friday, and Shravan or Shatabhisha on Saturday, the formation of Yamadanstra Kuyoga. it happens. This is a misadventure that leads to failure.
Lumbak: One should neither lend nor borrow money in this misery. If he takes a loan, it goes on the increase. This Kuyog is formed when there is Swati on Sunday, Mool on Monday, Shravan on Tuesday, Uttarabhadrapada on Wednesday, Kritika on Thursday, Punarvasu on Friday, and Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra on Saturday.
Apart from these, many misfortunes are also mentioned in astrology.

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