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pandit astrologer in Mira Road | beauty

Pandit astrologer in Mira Road - Know what is the relation between astrology and beauty


In astrology, Venus and Moon are considered to be the factors of beauty. Venus attracts materialistic pleasures and the Moon increases the craving for spiritual pleasures. An attractive personality is due to Venus and Moon increases the qualities of gentleness, serenity, coolness, ductility, etc.


By the combination of these two planets in the horoscope, it can be found out that how is the beauty of the person?


Pandit astrologer in Mira Road on Venus and Moon are sitting together :-


1- If Venus and Moon are sitting together in any house of the horoscope, then the person will look beautiful and attractive. If there is a vision of sin planets on these planets, then beauty may fade due to skin-related diseases.


2- If there is a combination of Venus and Moon in the sign of Mars (Aries, Scorpio), then the person is fair with red. It looks beautiful. The effect of Mars will be clearly visible on his face. The face will turn red while laughing.


Be in Libra or exalted sign Pisces


3- If Venus is in its zodiac Taurus, Libra, or exalted sign Pisces in the horoscope, then the effect of Venus is more reflected on the person. When the Moon is in conjunction with Venus, the person's fair complexion comes to the fore. Skin is a milky color.


4- If there is a combination of Venus and Moon in the sign of Mercury (Gemini, Virgo), then the person's Nayan Naksha is thorny. The color is light brown but looks very attractive to look at. If Venus is in the sign of Mercury, then everyone's favorite remains.


Body shape is beautiful


5- If the conjunction of Venus and Moon is in the sign of Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces), then the human body is beautiful and due to the influence of Jupiter, the fair complexion shines like gold. Her beauty attracts people towards her. Such people are teachers, gurus, storytellers, astrologers, etc.


6- If there is a combination of Venus and Moon in the sign of Saturn (Capricorn, Aquarius), then the person is tall. Their skin is glowing but the color is pale. Body structure can be said to be normal.


7- If there is a combination of Venus and Moon in the Moon sign, then the person's eyes are soft and beautiful. Such a person impresses everyone with his talent.


8- If there is a combination of Moon and Venus in the sign of Sun Leo, the person is bright-minded, with good nose-nails, with sufficient length, the person is red-colored. Due to excessive exposure to the sun, the color of the skin also fades, so skincare is necessary.


Note- The above-mentioned things prove to be true only in a broad sense. Only after studying the horoscope can we get accurate information about beauty.

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