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Remedies for good health in astrology

Remedies for good health in astrology || Special home remedies for cough disease:-Cough is a symptom of many disorders of the respiratory system, not only the respiratory system but due to the malfunction of the liver, there is an outbreak of cough.

Special home remedies for cough disease

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1. Consuming walnuts with peel and mixing 6 grams of honey in a quantity of 1 gram is beneficial in cough.

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2. Consuming 1 gram of cleaned carom seeds in betel groves regularly is beneficial in cough.

3. It is beneficial to take ginger juice mixed with a little honey in a simple cough. If a little black salt is also mixed in it, then yoga becomes even more beneficial.

4. In the cough of tuberculosis, swallowing one-fourth of opium in a dry raisin while sleeping at night, the patient does not get cough again and again in the night, and sleep comes peacefully.

Mix 5 grams of Amla powder, 125 grams of milk, and 400 grams of water and cook it on a low flame. When only milk is left, filter it and mix 6 grams of cow's ghee in it and take it in the morning and evening (2 times a day) in the same way, it ends dry cough or fast-moving cough.

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6. Cough, cold, fever, phlegm disorder, heartburn, etc. diseases are destroyed by drinking basil leaves 15 pieces, 9 grains of black pepper after making their tea.

7. Grind black pepper and keep it safe after sifting it. Licking it with honey 2-3 times a day is very beneficial in cough.

8. In the cough of old age (in which phlegm does not come out), put two grams of black salt nuggets (pieces) in the mouth (do not suck, but let it dissolve as much as it dissolves) will get benefit from the first night itself.

9. Make ashes of dried banana leaves and keep them safe by wiping them. Licking it in small quantity with salt in summer season and with honey in winter is beneficial in all types of cough. It is a tested yoga of thousands of times.

10. Make a powder by grinding equal parts of Harad, Bahera, Amla, dry ginger, black pepper, and peepal and keep it safe. Lick it with honey in the amount of 2-3 grams daily, it ends every type of cough.

11. Make a fine powder of 10 grams toasted alum and the same quantity of desi khus and give it to the patient suffering from dry cough with milk and to the patient suffering from wet (wet, phlegmatic) cough by making 14 puddings with water. With this use, chronic cough and even simple asthma are removed.

12. Frequently looking at the mirror (mirror) is beneficial in cough.

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13. Licking 3 grams powder of Atis with honey is very beneficial in cough.

14. Dry cough is destroyed by drinking decoction of basil leaves.

15. Mashing three leaves (of 3 grams) in hot water and drinking it, it also destroys bad type of cough.

16. After inflating the icing and grinding it finely, keep it safe in the vial. Mix it with honey in the amount of 1 gram and lick it thrice a day. It can also be consumed by putting it in hot water. It is a wonderful, miraculous yoga. Cough disappears from the first day itself. Cold also disappears after a few days of use.

17. Take 6 grams of ginger, 6 grams of black pepper, and 20 grams of old jaggery. Make fine pieces of ginger and crush black pepper, then soak all the things in 250 grams of water. After the remaining quarter of the water is left, filter it and give it to the patient. Cough and cold will go away with just 2-3 days of use.

18. Mix 6 grams of ginger juice and 6 grams of pure honey and lick it, it ends breathlessness, cough, cold, cold, phlegm, and anorexia.

19. Grind 10 grams Kakra Singhi finely and make 4-4 grain puddings and keep them. Take 1-1 pods with water in the morning and evening. This trivial yoga is the ear of great and valuable yogas and is full of virtues.

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20. Take 250 grams of milk, 125 grams of water, the powder of 1 knot of turmeric and jaggery as required, and take it all out as per requirement and filter it after the milk is left and give it to the patient only a little hot, it provides conditional benefit in cough. is tested.

21. After roasting two cloves on a Tawa (cloves will start appearing bloated in 1 minute on a hot Tawa, then take it off) grind finely and mix it with 1 teaspoon of milk and give it to the child at night while sleeping. This yoga is very simple but effective for cough of children.

22. Bloomed gram, sugar candy, Deccani pepper (white), and poppy seeds all 10-10 grams. Mix all these (make powder) and keep it safe. Licking this medicine in small quantities to children, it is very beneficial in children's cough.

23. In dry cough, chewing guava fruit without cutting it with a knife is beneficial. Use it two or three times.

24. Licking 2-3 grams powdered sugar or sugar candy and honey and ghee (in odd quantities) of black pepper, removes phlegm and provides relief in cough.

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