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Results of ascendant

Results of ascendant:-Before considering one's results in a horoscope, it should be kept in mind that if the planet is

full of power, then there is also a fruit and if there is a half-strength planet, then only half the result is

obtained. Similarly, if the quadrant is of lesser force, then the fruit also gets less than one fourth and if the quadrant

is of lesser force, then the fruit also gets one-fourth.

When the Ascendant is in the Ascendant, the person (the native) is of good body, mighty, generous, of fickle

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nature, two-marriage or adulterous.

Similarly, when Lagna is in the wealth-place or benefic-place, then the person is benefited and he is sad,

good-natured, knowing the importance of religion, arrogant and generous.

If the Ascendant is in the third or sixth house (house), then the person is like a lion (lion), possessing all

kinds of wealth, arrogant, having two women, intelligent and happy.

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Results of ascendant- 2

If Lagna is in the tenth or fourth house, then the person gets happiness from father or mother and he is full

of brothers, virtuous, virtuous and beautiful.

When the Lagna is in the fifth house, then the person is arrogant. He gets the happiness of a son in the middle. His first child perishes and that person becomes angry and working in the court.

Whose Lagna is in the seventh house, his wife does not live. Such a person is either detached or a migrant or a poor person or a king.

Whose ascendant is in the eighth or twelfth house, then he is involved in Siddha Vidya and he is a gambler, thief,

very angry and a lover of women.

The person whose ascendant is in the ninth house is fortunate, dear to the people, a devotee of Lord Vishnu,

clever, tactful in speaking, son, woman and rich in wealth.

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