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Seventh house astrology

Seventh house astrology:-The seventh house is the wife's house in the man's birth chart and the husband's house in

the woman's horoscope. Love for the life partner is revealed from the seventh house.

Results of the position of various planets in the seventh house:

Sun Seventh house astrology: 

If Sun is in the 7th house then it sees the Ascendant with complete vision. If there is Sun in the seventh house, then you get a life partner of angry nature.


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The presence of the Moon in the seventh house gives different results in different situations. If the Moon is in the seventh house under the sign of any malefic planet and it has full vision or conjunction of any malefic planet, then one gets a life partner of quarrelsome nature, but if it is of any auspicious planet and it has full vision or conjunction of any auspicious planet, then make love. Get a spouse. According to Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha and even and odd numbers, different positions of the Moon have different results.

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The presence of Mars in the seventh house is inauspicious. In this case, the birth chart becomes strong. In other situations of being Manglik, Mars only sees the seventh house with full vision, but when it is in the seventh house, it has a direct inauspicious effect on married life. As a result, such Mars is inauspicious for married life. If there is a vision or conjunction of an inauspicious planet on this Mars, then its inauspicious results increase further, but if there is a sight or conjunction of any auspicious planet on this Mars, then its inauspicious results decrease.


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The position of Mercury in the seventh house gives an intelligent and humble life partner. Mercury casts a full view on the birth ascendant, due to which such a person has an attractive personality. He loves very thoughtfully. You get love from your spouse. But if this Mercury is in conjunction with a malefic planet, then it can also give inauspicious results because it is the nature of Mercury that it gives results according to the one with whom it sits.

Guru 7th house astrology: 

The one who has Jupiter in the seventh house in his horoscope, he loves his life partner very much. The seventh house Jupiter gives a well-educated, humble, well-mannered, intelligent, devoted, and loving life partner. But marriages are often delayed. If there is a sight or conjunction of any auspicious planet Venus, Moon, or Mercury on this Jupiter, then it gives auspicious results.

Guru continues..................

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But if there is no effect of any auspicious planet on it, then it is the nature of the Guru that it gives inauspicious results related to the house in which it is situated and gives auspicious results related to the houses on which it has full vision, i.e., Guru. The house in which it is situated, there is a loss of that house and the houses on which its vision is there, those houses gain. Guru sees the fifth, seventh, and ninth houses from himself with complete vision.

Venus Seventh house astrology: 

Venus in the seventh house makes love fickle. As a result, there is a possibility of getting much love from it. This birth gives the seventh full vision on the ascendant, due to which the person is friendly, witty, friendly with many people, has a beautiful personality, is of a happy heart, and is loving. There is a great love for the life partner. There is also the possibility of having more than one marriage.


If Saturn is in the seventh house, then it creates a situation of doubt in married life, due to which there may be estrangement among themselves. Many times such people have contact with people older than themselves. A spouse may also get older. Some people believe that Saturn gives auspicious results in the seventh house. If there is a conjunction of Saturn + Rahu in any house in the horoscope, then a cursed yoga is formed. The result of being born in a cursed yoga is that late marriage takes place as well as financial independence can also be delayed.


Rahu contaminates the house in which it is situated. Seventh house is a factor of discord in the house. There is a rift with the spouse. Such a person can get a cheating spouse and the person himself can also cheat his spouse. If there is an aspect of any auspicious planet on this Rahu, then its inauspicious results are reduced. The spouse may be of older age or of a different culture.

Ketu Seventh house astrology

Ketu of the seventh house makes you mad in love. It brings uncertainty in married life. Since Ketu is a part of the body and does not have the power to think, therefore such a person is a person who loves without thinking. It is the nature of Ketu that the house in which it is placed or with which it interacts greatly increases the power of that house or that planet, as well as fills the results related to that house with uncertainty.

Ketu continues........

If Ketu gets the conjunction or complete vision of the owner of the house in which it is, then it does too much in giving results related to that house. In such a situation, Rahu is placed in the first house of the native i.e. the body and Ketu is in the seventh house i.e. in the place of the spouse. Since Ketu is half of Rahu, he wants to complete his half. He can break all boundaries to fulfill his love. Since Rahu has complete vision on it and Saturn, Sun and Rahu are considered to be separatist planets, therefore it generally gives inauspicious results of separatist, but if there is aspect or conjunction of any auspicious planet then it also gives auspicious results.

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