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Sixth House results

Sixth House results:-If the sixth house is in the sixth house, then a person's friend also becomes an enemy and a

friend of other caste becomes a friend and that person walks with a stoutness.

When the sixth house is in the seventh, benefic or ascendant, the person becomes virtuous, wealthy, arrogant, courageous, and sonless.

If the sixth house is in the eighth or twelfth house, then the person is sick. The enemy of the pundit, the one who enjoys the wife and is ready to commit violence.

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When the sixth house is in the ninth house, then the person is a seller of wood and stone. Sometimes there is loss and sometimes increase in his behavior.

If the sixth house is in the Sahaja or the fourth house, then the person is angry, red-eyed, generous,

slanderous, hateful, movable, and wealthy.

If the sixth house is in karma or wealth, then the person is courageous, slanderer of his family,

happy in foreign country, orator, and ready in his work.

The one whose sixth house is in the fifth house, his friends, money, etc. are in motion. That person is kind, happy, mild-natured and very clever in his work.

Results of fifth house

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The person whose Panchamesh is in the fifth house, his son does not live and that person is transient, i.e.

momentary, changer in nature, ruthless speaking, religious and intelligent. When the fifth lord is placed in the sixth

or twelfth house, then the son is like an enemy or the child of that person dies or he has a

dharmaputra or a born son.

When the fifth lord is in the seventh house, the person is arrogant and religious. When the fifth lord is in the eighth or second house, the person has many sons. He has respiratory disease and becomes happy, angry, and wealthy.

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One whose fifth lord is in the ninth or tenth house, his son is like a king or a writer, eminent and Kuldeepak.

When the fifth lord is in the benefic place, then the person is dear to the pundits, a writer, very clever and has many sons, is rich in wealth.

When the fifth lord is in the Lagna or Sahaj house, then the person is a illusory person and a chuckler. He does not give even a lump of soil to anyone, what is the point of giving money.

If the fifth lord is in the fourth house, then he gets the happiness of the mother for a long time. That person is Lakshmivan, intelligent, minister or guru.

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