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Tenth House Results

Tenth House Results:-When Karmesh is in happiness or the place of action, then the person becomes mighty,

virtuous, ready to worship the guru and the deities, righteous and truthful.

Karmesh is in the fifth or benefic place, then the person is wealthy, letterman always full of joy,

truthful and happy.

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When Karmesh is in the sixth or twelfth house, then the person suffers from enemies and

is endowed with the qualities of cleverness and he never gets happiness.

If Karmesh is in the Ascendant, then the person is endowed with the qualities of poetry and remains sick in

childhood, after which there is an increase in wealth day by day.

If in wealth, seventh or fraternal house, then the person is liberal minded. He is virtuous, orator, and full of truth.

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The results of the ninth House

When Bhagyaesh is in the place of fortune, then the person is full of wealth. He gets happiness from many brothers and he is virtuous and handsome.

Bhagyesh is in the tenth or fourth house, then the person becomes minister, commander, pious soul, record,

arrogant, speaker, courageous and angry.

If Bhagyesh is in the fifth or benefic house, then the person is fortunate, popular, guru devotee, arrogant, hostile,

and possessive of virtues.

When Bhagyavesh is in the eighth or twelfth house, the person is fortunate. He never gets the happiness of maternal uncle and elder brother.

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Tenth House Results- 2

If there is fortune in the seventh or the ascendant house, then the person becomes virtuous and famous. He never fails in whatever he wants to do.

When Bhagyesh is in bharat-sthan or wealth-sthan, he keeps on worrying about the person and

he becomes rich, virtuous, orator and popular.

For better results, you should consult a professional astrologer as there are many other factors that can influence

the actual results!

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