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top 5 astrologers in faridabad on punishment

If Shani Dev has to be pleased, do not eat these things even on Saturday by top 5 astrologers in faridabad :

Most of the people are afraid of Shani, but this planet is the planet who does complete justice while remaining neutral. That is why Shani is also called Nyayadhipati. Shani gives proper punishment to those who do bad deeds and also gives proper benefits to those who do favorable deeds.
Therefore, Shani is worshiped like a deity even though he is a planet. Saturday is their day and to please them, people do many types of remedies, experiments, tricks etc. on this day. There are some things related to Shani about which people remain unaware. These things are related to food items. Shani Dev should not get angry on Saturday, so it is necessary to take care of some things related to food. Let's find out:-
Care should be taken while consuming milk or curd on Saturday. These substances should never be eaten plain. A pinch of turmeric or jaggery should be mixed in it.
Mango pickle should not be eaten on Saturday as it displeases Shani.

It is also forbidden to use red chili in food on Saturdays. Black or green chili should be consumed on this day. Red chillies are found in almost all the spicy foods nowadays. Therefore, if it is not possible to avoid it, then definitely add black pepper along with red chili.
Can you eat moong dal explains top 5 astrologers in faridabad :
Lentils are not eaten on Saturdays. Instead of them, you can eat gram, tur and moong dal. Mars rules over lentils. Therefore, by eating lentils on Saturday, Mars can stimulate Saturn.

Consuming alcohol on Saturdays also gives inauspicious results in the horoscope. Due to this problems related to Saturn start.

Mustard oil, black sesame, black urad lentils are donated on Saturdays, so they should be avoided on this day.
Favorite things of saturn
All black colored animals and birds are very dear to Shani Dev. By serving crow, black dog, elephant etc. on Saturday, one gets the blessings of Shani Dev.
On Saturday, keep black Gulab Jamun on the roof of your house for the crows. With this, the defects associated with Saturn end.
On Saturday, definitely feed mustard oil to a black dog and a roti. The effect of Saturn's half-century is less.
If Saturn is a painful planet in the horoscope, then keep fast on Saturday and feed the poor and beggars.

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