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top astrologer in gurgaon Mars retrograde

What happens when Mars is retrograde in the horoscope by top astrologer in gurgaon?

Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the planets about which there is confusion and fear in the minds of people. And when these planets become retrograde, people become even more afraid. This is also true to some extent, because retrograde planets show their bad effects, but this is not always the case. Sometimes retrograde planets make a person a king from rank.
Physical strength and inner strength by top astrologer in gurgaon
When Mars is retrograde, both physical strength and internal strength are almost exhausted. The person in whose horoscope Mars is retrograde, he gets angry, irritable, looks at everyone with suspicion, he does not have control over his speech and starts talking provocatively. . A person with retrograde Mars becomes inactive. He doesn't do any work unless there is pressure on him. Persons affected by retrograde Mars are scientists, doctors or knowers of mystical sciences. Or they are engaged in such tasks in which much physical labor is not required.
Effect of retrograde Mars in different houses as per top astrologer in gurgaon
If retrograde Mars is in the first house, then the person is expert in lying. The ego in such a person is excessive and sits on the mistake of thinking of himself as everything. If retrograde Mars is in the second house, it makes a person ungrateful. Such a person has a wrong idea about attractive things and beautiful women. The physical ones keep running after the pleasures and the means. When the retrograde Mars is in the third house, the natives remain at loggerheads with their siblings and family members. Such a person becomes undisciplined and does not like to work under anyone. If retrograde Mars is sitting in the fourth house, the person becomes angry, stubborn and cruel. There are always fights in their family. Such a person does not listen to anyone, becomes autocratic and does whatever comes to mind.
The retrograde Mars in the fifth house is very bad. Such a person considers his partner only an object of consumption in the matter of love affair. Such a person is a rapist and misbehaves with children. Forces himself with his wife and girlfriend.
When Mars is retrograde in the sixth house, the person is surrounded by diseases. Due to not taking the medicine on time, it increases its disease itself. Such a person treats his close people inhumanely.
When Mars is retrograde in the seventh house, the person's mind remains engaged in secret relationships. Such a person gets cheated in business. Court-court cases keep going on in their life.
The retrograde Mars in the eighth house surrounds the native with sorrows. Such a person is short-tempered and resigns from the job because of not being able to tolerate small things.
When Mars is retrograde in the ninth house, the person pretends to be a believer even though he is an atheist and cheats people in the name of religion. If other bad planets are dominant in the horoscope of such a person, then it is possible that the person may also go to jail.
The retrograde Mars in the tenth house misleads the native a lot. Whether he wanders for a job or to meet family needs. No one even believes in such a person.
If Mars is retrograde in the eleventh house, then the person's friendship lives with people of lower status and their friends are not trustworthy. When the time comes, they leave together and run away.
The retrograde Mars in the twelfth house is itself an enemy of its health. His diet and lifestyle are completely messed up, due to which he becomes a victim of many diseases.

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