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Story of planet Venus by top-rated astrologers in Delhi: According to the Puranas, Bhrigu Rishi, the psyche son of Brahma Ji, was married to the female fame of Prajapati Daksha, from which Dhata, Vidhata two sons, and a girl named Shree were born. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Bhrigu Rishi also had a son named Kavi who became famous as Shukracharya in the course of time.

Jeeva i.e. Guru, son of Maharishi Angira, and poet i.e. Venus, son of Maharishi Bhrigu were contemporary. After the sacrificial ritual, Angira took responsibility for the education of both the children with the consent of both sages. The poet Maharishi stayed with Angira and started studying with Angiranandan Jeeva.
Initially, everything was normal, but later Angira started paying special attention to the education of her son Jeeva and started ignoring the poet. Knowing this discriminatory behavior, the poet took permission from Angira to leave the study midway and reached Gautam Rishi. Gautam Rishi heard the whole story of the poet and preached to him to go to Mahadev's shelter.


Maharishi Gautam by top-rated astrologers in Delhi:-


The poet worshiped Shiva hard on the banks of Godavari as per the teachings of. Pleased with the praise and worship, Mahadev gave the poet a rare name of the deities also known as the Dead Dead Sanjivani, and said that the dead person on whom you use it will be alive. At the same time, giving Shiva the planet, Lord Shiva said that your glory in the sky will be greater than all the constellations.
Auspicious things like marriage etc. will be started only when you are born. Bhrigu Nandan was appointed to the Guru post of Venus demons, worshiped by his knowledge. Venus did not hesitate to give Sanjeevani Vidya to Jeeva's son Kach, the grandson of Angira Rishi who had treated him neglectfully.


Top-rated astrologers in Delhi on how did the name Venus come into existence?
Shukracharya was famous by the name of Kavi or Bhargava. How and when he got the name Venus has been said in the Vamana Purana.
A fierce battle was going on between Danavaraj Andhakasura and Mahadev. The main fighter of Andhak was killed in the war, but Bhargava revived him with his lifelong learning. Once again, Kuzambh, etc. demons started fighting again. On this, Nandi began to say to Adi Gana Mahadev that the demons whom we kill revive the demons
with the knowledge of Guru Sanjeevani, in such a situation what is the importance of our force. Hearing this, Mahadev swallowed the demon Guru and lifted him up. Going into the stomach, the poet started praising Shankar and was pleased that Shiva allowed him to go out.
Bhargava Shrestha kept wandering in Mahadev's stomach for a divine year, but Shiva started praising again after finding no end. After praying, again and again, Lord Shankar laughed and said that you have become my son because of my stomach, so come out of my penis. From today you will be known by the name of Venus in the entire pasture world. Will also be called the 'Kama Bhavna'' factor.
Having attained Shukrava, Bhargava came out of Lord Shankar's penis and departed towards the demon army. Since then, the poet became famous as Shukracharya. In astrology, the sex factor is also considered to be Venus.


The birth Story of planet Devguru Brihaspati, read the story by top-rated astrologers in Delhi:-
According to the Puranas, Angira Rishi, the son of Lord Brahma, was married to Smriti. He had a son named Utthya and Jeeva. The creatures were calm and jovial in nature from childhood. He became the master of all scriptures and policy.
Angiranandan Jeeva established the Shivalinga in the Prabhas region and performed intense penance to please Shiva. Mahadev, being pleased with his worship and penance, gave him darshan and said, 'O Dwij Best! You have done great austerities, so you are famous by the name of Brihaspati and guide the gods and goddesses according to their religion and policy. '
Thus Mahadeva placed Jupiter in the position of Devguru and Navagraha Mandal. Since then Jeeva became famous as Brihaspati and Guru. Devguru has three wives Shubha, Tara, and Mamta. His third wife, Mamta, had two sons named Bhardwaj and Kach.


When, how, and where Mercury was born, you will be surprised by reading this strange story : - 
Brihaspati, the guru of the deities, is the ruler of duality. Due to this, there is an excess of double nature. One day, Brihaspati wished to become a woman. He approached Brahma and told him his wish. The omniscient Brahma forbade him. Brahma said that you will get into a problem but if Brihaspati caught the stubbornness, Brahma made her a woman.
Moon wandered over the wandering guru who turned into a beautiful woman, and the moon raped the guru. Guru is surprised about what to do now. When he went to Brahma, he said that now you will have to live as a woman for nine months. The Guru became unhappy. Just like nine months passed and Mercury was born. As soon as Mercury was born, the Guru renounced the female form and became male again. They also did not handle forced children.
In such a situation, Mercury became orphaned without a mother and without a father. Nature adopted Mercury and gradually Mercury began to grow. After finding Mercury alone, bad friends like Rahu and Shani joined him. Mercury also started doing bad things in the company of bad friends.
During this time Mercury was in contact with Venus. Venus explained to them that you go to the foster Sun of the world, they will adopt you. Mercury moved to the Sun and improved.
Mercury has natural enmity with the master abandoning his offspring and the lowly moon. Gives bad results with Rahu and Saturn and better with Venus and Sun. When moving in the solar system, the results of Mercury decrease whenever they overtake the Sun and give the best results when they are behind the Sun.
Like his mother, the overlord of Mercury also has two zodiac signs. While the guru has Sagittarius and Pisces two-star signs, Mercury owns the Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs. This is the story of Mercury.


This is how the beautiful shining Chandradev was born, read the legend by top-rated astrologers in Delhi:-
The Moon is considered worthy of worshiping the gods. The story of the birth of the moon is found differently in the Puranas. In astrology and Vedas, Chandra has been called the factor of mind. Som's place in Vedic literature is also found among the major deities. Like the gods of Agni, Indra, Surya, etc., the mantras of praise of Soma have also been composed by the sages.


According to the Puranas, the origin of the moon
According to Matsya and Agni Purana, when Brahma Ji thought of creating the world, first of all, he created his sons with his mental determination. One of them, Manas son Rishi Atri was married to Anusuiya, the daughter of Rishi Kardam, who had three sons Durvasa, Dattatreya, and Som. Som Chandra has only one name.
The Padma Purana gives another account of the birth of Chandra. Brahma ordered his psyche son Atri to expand the universe. Maharishi Atri started an ascetic name. One day in the heat, a few drops of water dripped from Maharishi's eyes which were very light. Directions came in female form and by wishing for a son, they took the drops which were located in their womb in the womb form.
But could not keep that bright womb in directions and gave up. Brahma gave a male form to that abandoned womb, which came to be known as the Moon. Gods, sages and Gandharvas, etc. praised him. His own sharpness produced divine medicines on the earth. Brahma Ji appointed Chandra as the lord of constellations, vegetation, Brahmins, and asceticism.
According to Skanda Purana, when the gods and the demons churned the Kshira Sea, fourteen gems came out of it. The Moon is one of the fourteen gems that Lord Shankar, who drank the Kalkuta poison obtained from the same churning on his forehead, for public welfare. But the presence of the moon as a planet is also proved before the churning.
In the Maheshwar section of the Skanda Purana itself, Gargacharya, while taking out the mahurat of the churning of the ocean, told the gods that at this time all the planets are favorable. There is auspicious yoga of the Guru from the Moon.
Moon force is good for accomplishing your work. This Gomant Muhurta is going to give you victory. Therefore, it is possible that different parts of the Moon were born in different periods. Chandra was married to 27 daughters of the constellation of Daksha Prajapati, who had many talented sons. A lunar month is completed by the enjoyment of these 27 constellations.


When, where, and how was born earth son Mangal 
The story of the birth of Mars is as follows. Lord Shiva was granted a boon after meditating on the monster named Andhakasura that hundreds of demons would be born from his blood. This monster caused havoc in Avantika. Then the oppressed prayed to Shiva. Shambhu himself fought with Andhakasura to overcome the crisis of the devotees.

There was a fierce war between the two. Shiva's sweat started flowing. Due to the heat of Rudra's sweat drop, the earth of Ujjain (ancient city Avantika) burst and split into two parts, and Mars was born. Shiva killed the monster and the newly created Mars absorbed his blood drops. Due to their birth from the earth, he was considered the son of the earth.
It is said, therefore, the Earth's color is red. (From Avantika section of Skanda Purana). Even today, there is an ancient beautiful temple of Mars in Ujjain. This place was considered the birthplace of Mars.

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