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Which planet is responsible for immunity

Which planet is responsible for immunity:-Moon is also the cause of cold and flu. Donation of rice, water, milk, silver, sugar is said to be very good for the remedy of Moon.

Every planet is a factor for different organs and if there is any defect in any planet in our zodiac, then we will have to face disease. We cannot completely eliminate this defect of all the planets, yes, by taking some measures, we can definitely reduce it, let's know which planet causes what diseases, what measures should be taken to get relief from it.

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Sun is the cause of bones

If a particular person has any bone disease, then he will get benefit from the remedy of the planet Sun. For this, donation of wheat, gold, copper, jaggery etc. gives benefit.

Similarly, special results will be obtained from the moon. Moon is also the cause of cold and flu. Donation of rice, water, milk, silver, sugar is said to be very good for the remedy of Moon.

For the peace of Rahu and Ketu, donation of semolina halwa and radish is beneficial. Fever, the cause of accidents is Mars. Donation of jaggery is good for Mars.

It is believed that if a person feeds jaggery to cows, then both his Sun and Mars will be effective.

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The planet Mercury addresses the color green.

Giving green fodder to cows, donating green moong are special remedies for Mercury. Mercury is the cause of cough, throat diseases, if the remedies of Mercury are taken, then the person will soon get rid of these diseases.

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The planet Jupiter

Jupiter gets strength by the service of Guru and all kinds of problems of human beings are solved. Chana dal, gram flour, gold are all the factors of Jupiter, Jupiter can be strengthened by donating these things. If a person's Jupiter is bad, then he suffers from kidney problems, diabetes, etc.

Venus is a symbol of beauty.

Its factors are silver, sugar, and white goods. If the planet Venus is strong then the person will go on living a happy life.

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If things related to Shani are donated, then one will get rid of the ill effects of Shani. The causative things of Saturn are potatoes, oil, iron, etc.

According to astrology, whenever a living being takes birth, he has to repay the debt of his previous births, but how he repays this debt is his destiny. Whatever the soul has come through in previous births by doing karma and the debt which he has to repay, it is clear in his horoscope.

By showing the horoscope to any astrologer, a remedy can be asked so that we can repay the debt of the deeds done in previous births. Through those measures, we can make the life of ourselves and our family happy.

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Beautify your life with charity

Mixing sugar after roasting gram flour and flour in oil and feeding it to ants brings sweetness in married life.
Giving milk and bread to a dog brings peace to Moon, Saturn, and Rahu.
Coins should be donated to leprosy patients, it pacifies Shani.
Taking care of plants gives strength to Rahu and Mercury.
Milk should be distributed among the hospital patients for the benefit of mental stress.
By feeding sweet roti/salted roti to the cow daily, one gets mental peace.
Distributing educational material, the condition of Jupiter improves and the child becomes interested in studies.
By feeding bananas and roasted gram to monkeys, there is peace of Mars and Shani.
Rahu can be pacified by feeding Bhujia to birds [ Which planet is responsible for immunity ].

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