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Yogas prediction in horoscope

Yogas prediction in horoscope :-

(1) In any horoscope, if Moon is in any house with the 10th number, then that

person will have to face at least one terrible failure in life. The accident would be so severe that he would even hesitate to show his face in public.

(2) Whenever there are two evil planets like Saturn and Rahu or Rahu and Mars with the Moon (in the same house),

the person is so mentally disturbed that he appears to be completely insane or

feels that he is going to be mad. Going to do.

(3) When Mars and Venus are in the same house in a horoscope, then that person is bound to have an

extramarital affair - no matter how restrained, virtuous, and humble that person appears.

(4) In a horoscope, if Mars is in the second house in Capricorn, then there are two results. If the horoscope is of

a woman, then the nature of her father will be to use vulgar, filthy, abusive language even in normal conversation. If the horoscope is of a man, then his uncle will use such abusive language. The second consequence is that the person will be a first-class student.

(5) When Saturn is in Libra ascendant, then that person is a scholar and is a first-class student.

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Yogas prediction in horoscope - 2

(6) When Jupiter is in Cancer ascendant, the person is faithful, generous-hearted, simple-minded, outspoken,

truth-loving, and known for purity of character and scholarship. The same results also happen when Jupiter is in the 5th or Hawai house.

(7) If Mars is situated in any zodiac sign in the Ascendant, then the person will soon become angry.

(8) If Aries is ascendant, then the person will be so impulsive that he would prefer to hear the opposite result

sooner rather than waiting for success at an unknown future date.

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(9) If Jupiter and Moon are situated in Cancer sign in Cancer ascendant or in Hawa house, then that person earns

great fame by being a great leader and fearless worshiper of truth.

(10) When Ketu is alone in Capricorn Ascendant, then that person appears to be decaying, fleshless, and yellow body. It is possible for him to have tuberculosis. If Ketu is situated in the 7th house in Capricorn, then there is a possibility

of tuberculosis on its other side (ie husband or wife). The other side will appear bumukhit, decaying, fleshless, and yellow body.

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Yogas prediction in horoscope - 3

(11) When Mars is placed in the second house, the person's relationship with uncle is bad or good (depending

on which sign Mars is in).

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(12) If Mars (in any zodiac sign) is in the third house, then the person is brave and courageous and is never afraid to

go ahead to participate in any war, conflict, or battle.

(13) A person with four or more planets in Capricorn in any house suffers from a sense of shame, stigma, or defeat

and is unable to appear in the presence of society or high people.

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(14) The gathering of Rahu and Moon in any house in any horoscope can cause severe calamities like imprisonment

for a person, litigation arising out of terrible allegations, orphanage due to sudden and tragic death of bread earner

in the family, physical trauma, etc.

Yogas prediction in horoscope - 4

(15) If in any house, Jupiter and Moon or Venus and Moon are conjoined in Cancer, then the person concerned will be very beautiful and healthy. For example, if they are in the Ascendant, then the person himself will be very beautiful. If Jupiter and Moon or Jupiter and Venus are in the house of the mother, her mother's personality will be very attractive. Both these planets are in the seventh house, then the other side (i.e. husband or wife) will have a very attractive face. If any pair of these two planets is in the 10th house, then the personality of the person's father will be attractive and dominant. If Jupiter, Venus, and Moon are all in Cancer, the beauty of the person concerned will be exceptionally limited.

(16) This association in later life also leads to sudden loss of jobs or financial losses. If Moon is in 3rd house and Saturn is in 4th house, the results will be same. But in such a situation, a person gets abundance or priority in later life, especially when the Moon is in Gemini and Saturn is in Cancer.

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