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Astrologer Prateek Kapoor is well-versed in Vedic astrology and the perfect consultant and guide. He prepares a professional horoscope and refers to the same to offer you direction in your business and wealth.

When you meet Astrologer Kapoor, he will read the planetary positions and alignments of your planets to re-instill purpose in your life once more. The way the sun, the moon, and all the other stars influence your astrological charts is interpreted by the highly versatile astrologer who suggests the best way out to bring in confidence in the way you move and stride forward in the business. With his guidance, you are shown the right way to let your company flourish once again.

Astrologer Kapoor will help analyze the position of the 2nd house, the significance of the planets Jupiter and Mercury on your astrological birth charts that help in enhancing your earnings and margins, and facilitate the achievement of unparalleled financial gains in business and wealth.

Astrology is a great scripture. No pundit is fully knowledgeable, yet some things are found in the scriptures that may surprise us. We have brought only 4 important things for you.

(1) The Guru’s eyes rain the nectar. In this context, it is necessary to decide whether the Guru is the lord of the lagna-triangle places or the lord of the triple places. There should also be an investigation of having Ashtamesh or Markesh. If Guru Lagnesh is a Trigonish, then only his vision will be rainy.

(2) In the context of Saturn, it is believed that the place where it sits increases. He spoils the place where he sees. Due to Shani’s horoscope, he also increases the place where he sits and leaves his auspicious effect on the place he sees. Therefore, do not always adopt the same approach in terms of recognition.

(3) If Saturn’s mountain is pressed in the hand and its finger is inclined towards the sun’s finger, then Saturn’s strong barrier in life is visible.

(4) Mars is a prolific planet to get excitement and pleasure and its tendency is combative. Mangal Dosh is considered due to these instincts of Mars, because the desire to get more excitement and pleasure can be fatal to household life.

Are you also having dreams of wealth, know when you will get money from dreams: –

Everyone dreams. Dreams have a deep connection with the mind. The more pure and transparent the mind is, the more clear, precise and settled the dreams will appear. Our senses become more sensitive than in their awakening state. With our intuition ability, we can understand dreams.

Many times there are strange dreams which are difficult to keep pace with the current environment. Concentrating, with a clear understanding of dreams, deep analysis, you can get success in knowing their signs and results.

Today every eyes dream is ‘wealth’. And if we talk about dreams of money, then there will be a natural curiosity as to what the signs of those dreams are. Water, white color, flowers, fruits, animals, grains, vessels and deities are of major importance in dreams of wealth.

Water is considered to be a very close relation of water and wealth. Both are equally virtuous. The nature of both is flowing. If not valued, not saved, both flow away. Many times there are strange dreams which are difficult to keep pace with the current environment. Concentrating, with a clear understanding of dreams, deep analysis, you can get success in knowing their signs and results. Astrologer Prateek kapoor is a Delhi Based astrologer with his chamber located at safdarjung enclave location.

That is why it was raining in dreams. If the person himself fills water from the well, then there is a possibility of money gain as soon as possible. Swimming in the dream is the only sign of unlimited wealth and arrival. A river or sea-view in a dream is also a sign of sudden wealth.

White color dream scientists believe that white color has special significance in dreams. This color is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity, peace and courtesy. Therefore, to see white clothes in dreams, to wear white clothes, to see white flower garlands, to see white snow covered mountains, white sea, white shrine, white flag, conch and white sun and moon etc. is rich and abundant wealth. Are signs.

According to the fruit, in your own dream, the fruit drips in your hands, see the fruit bearing trees, see amla, pomegranate, apple, coconut, betel nut and cashew, etc. there is a strong possibility of money coming. Consumption of the fruit has been considered both auspicious and inauspicious in the opinion of different dream experts, while most experts regarding bananas are unanimous that it is inauspicious and in many cases also an indicator of death.

Flowers of white lotus, red lotus, ketaki, malti, nagkasar, jasmine, moonlight and Gulmohar dreamers surely become the lord of immense wealth in future.

The sighting of animals in animal dreams is also considered to be a sign of wealth. Mast elephant, cow, horse, bull, scorpion, big fish, white snake, monkey turtle and musk deer where suddenly are considered symbols of special wealth.

At the same time, it has been said about the bee that a person who dreams, grows twice as much in the bank account, four times as much as night. Whereas the person who dreams of a rat is sure to open a small account in the bank.

In a grain dream, if a person sees himself climbing on a pile of grains and at the same time, when he sleeps, then he will surely gain wealth. Similarly, rice, moong, barley, mustard etc. also indicate the attainment of wealth. Connect with the best astrologer in Delhi NCR, Vastu Consultant and a Horary expert.

The urn, the pot full of water and the big characters are considered to be the surest symbol of the arrival of wealth. Dreamers around the world are unanimous about a dream. According to him, it is best to watch the soil. Such a person soon gets immense wealth. Along with this, land benefits are also available.

According to divine dream Indian dream experts, the vision of ancestors or ancestors in the dream and their blessings is particularly successful. Temples, conch, guru, Shivling, lamp, bell, door, king, chariot, palanquin, bright sky and moon of Poonam etc. are also considered to be special symbols of prosperity and fortune.

All the above are signs of wealth, but if deeds, efforts and hard work are not done then dreams are dreams again. When do dreams happen.It is fine to draw inspiration from these signs and prepare the outline of your works, but trusting them is foolish just waiting for the dream to come true.

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