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Education and PR Visa

In the field of education and PR visa that helps in relocating to a foreign country to pursue higher studies or job, your planetary stars and their positions play a pivotal role. It is your education that determines your professional career ahead, and how well you can achieve your future goals and aspirations.

Consult an experienced and well-versed Best Astrologer in India on the lines of Astrologer Prateek Kapoor who interprets your horoscope to predict your future profession and success. He also suggests hindrances, if any, on the way; correlates the house, the ruling lord, and the ruling planet to provide you the best solution to remove and banish all blocks forever from your path.

Astrologer Kapoor is a highly qualified professional with mastery in his field. He has been practicing the art for years now from his office in New Delhi, having helped thousands of people in their lives, be it their career, education, and PR visa, or personal life like Romance and Marriage etc.

In today’s time, the success of a person depends on his education. Educated people everywhere earn respect and fame. An educated person is a benefactor of his family and his country. In today’s time, due to excessive competition, it is absolutely necessary to be educated. The more educated a person is, the greater his rank in the field of work.

In today’s time, the biggest problem faced by parents is how their child’s education will be. Today let us talk about some important yogas of higher education.

1- In the horoscope of the Guru, Venus and Mercury if the fifth or the ninth place, the person is a scholar and gets higher education. Such a person is proficient in various subjects. He is supposed to illuminate the name of his family and family. This yoga is also known as Saraswati Yoga.

2- If the owner of the second and fifth house is together in the triangle (5,9) place, then the person gets higher education.

3- If Mercury and Guru are of high or exalted, the owner of second place is in third or eighth house of a friend, then the native gets higher education abroad.

4- If the owner of the second or fifth place is well and the auspicious planet in the lagna, the person gets higher education. One gets the proper atmosphere.

5- The sinful planets in the horoscope are of high and befriends of Lagnesh, and the influence of auspicious planets in the fifth house makes the sum of higher education.

6- If the owner of the second house and the owner of the fifth house changes the zodiac sign and the condition of the auspicious planet, then the person gets higher education.

7- Venus and Guru’s tips give higher education to a person.

8- If Dashmesh is of high status and makes a relationship with Panchamesh then the person gets good education. In this yoga, the person is an advisor, manager (manager), principal, and leader.

9 – Even if the lunar horoscope is in the horoscope and is associated with auspicious planets, the person gets higher education.

10- If the owner of the eighth or third house is auspicious planet and is of high status as well as situated in the second or fifth place, then the person gets higher education.

11- Saturn is exalted and friends are ascendant; if they are situated in 1,2,5,10 place, then they get education till their old age. And achieves great achievements in the field of education.

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