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1st house in vedic astrology

1st house in vedic astrology i.e. Ascendant has special significance in the birth chart. The origin of Hindu astrology is from Rigveda, hence it is called Vedic astrology. According to Indian astrology, there are total 12 houses in the birth chart and each house has its own characteristics and significance. In these, the first house is considered important because it gives a sense of the personality, nature, age, fame, happiness and honor and respect of a person. The first house is also called the lagna or the tanu house. The whole philosophy of every person's life depends on the Lagna Bhava.

Sun is said to be the Karak of the first house. From this house the physical structure, form, color, knowledge, nature, childhood and age of a person are considered. The lord of the first house is called the lord of the ascendant. Even if the lord of the ascendant house is a cruel planet, it gives good results.

Body Composition 1st house in vedic astrology:

The first house tells about the physical appearance and stature of the person. If the effect of water planets is more on the first house, then the person is fat. On the other hand, if the relation of dry planets and zodiac signs remains more on the ascendant, then the person becomes lean.

Mood 1st house in vedic astrology:

Lagna is very important to understand the nature of any person. Lagna signifies the power of human thoughts. If there is an effect of auspicious planets on the fourth house, the lord of the fourth house, the moon, the lord of the ascendant and the ascendant house, then the person is kind and easy-going. On the contrary, due to the influence of inauspicious planets, the person is of cruel nature.

Age and health:

The first house shows the age and health of the person. According to Vedic astrology, when the Sun, Moon, Saturn and the third and eighth houses and their lords are strong along with the lord of the ascendant, then the person gets long life and good health. On the other hand, if these components are under the influence of malefic planets or are weak, then this condition shows the short life of the person.


The first house also gives a sense of the childhood of a person. According to astrological calculations, if the lord of the ascendant house with the ascendant and the Moon is affected by inauspicious planets, then the person has to suffer physical troubles during childhood. On the other hand, due to the influence of auspicious planets, childhood is spent well.

Respect 1st house in vedic astrology:

The first house also shows respect, happiness and fame of a person. If Ascendant, the lord of the ascendant house, Moon, Sun, tenth house and their lord are in a strong state, then the person gets respect and respect in life.

According to “Uttar-Kalaamrita”, “

The first house is mainly the karaka of 33 subjects including the body parts of man, health, happiness, fame.”

The first house is mainly called the sense of self. It represents the human body and physical structure. It reveals the upper part of our body like facial features, nose-map, head and brain etc. In the Kaal Purush Kundli, the first house represents Aries, whose ruling planet is Mars.

The first house in the horoscope reveals good and bad results, problems faced in childhood, joy and sorrow and investment possibilities in the country or abroad.

Name, fame and social prestige can also be considered from the lagna. Higher education, long journeys, life in hostel during studies, children's unknown and contacts with foreign people (especially of first child) are also perceived from Lagna.

In Prasanna Gyan,

Birth, health, happiness, virtue, disease, colour, age and longevity are considered from the first house.

Mental peace from the first house, temperament, mourning, inclination towards work, tendency to insult others, straightforward attitude, sannyas, five senses, dreams, sleep, knowledge, attitude towards wealth of others, old age, past birth, morality, politics There is a sense of skin, peace, longing, tyranny, arrogance, discontent, cattle and manners etc.

In Medini astrology, the whole country is considered from the Ascendant, which represents the state, people and locality.

The first house in Prashna Astrology represents the person asking the question.

Interrelation of first house with other houses

The first house also makes interrelationship with other houses. It also shows loss of family wealth. If you use the inherited property for your own consumption, it indicates that you are losing your money. It also gives an idea of ​​your health, so you can spend the inherited money on treatment as well. It mainly reflects hospital expenses, court fees and other expenses. This house gives a sense of progress of brothers and sisters and progress through their own efforts, skills and dialogue.

The first house represents career, honour, mother's social prestige, your children's higher education, your children's teachers, your children's long distance travels, children's fortunes, the loss of your enemies and your victory over them. Apart from this, it also shows debt and illness.

This house represents about your spouse and his/her desires. Apart from this, this house also reveals the health of your in-laws and the health of your spouse. Similarly, the first house represents the possibilities related to the father's business, the fate of the father, the father's children (ie you) and his education.

Ascendant house also shows your happiness and your prestige in the society. At the same time, it also reflects the appreciation received by the superiors for their skills at the workplace. It also represents the income earned by the efforts of the elder siblings and their language, their own. Apart from accumulation of money, this house also shows expenditure.

In Lal Kitab, the first house represents

Health, courage, valor, ability to work, joy, sorrow, body, throat, royal or official life.

In Lal Kitab, the first house is said to be the king of all the 12 houses and the seventh house is called the home minister. It is not considered good to have more than one planet in the first house. Because due to this, a state of confusion arises in the mind. Because if there is more than one king for a commander, it does not give auspicious results. On the other hand, if there is more than one planet in the seventh house and only one planet in the first house, then this condition is very good for the person.

In Lal Kitab, the first house is called Raj Throne.

If a planet is placed in the first house, then it harms its enemy planets and after that it gives results according to its position. Suppose, if a malefic planet is transiting in the first house, then the planet placed in this house will destroy it or reduce its ill effects.

Keeping all these things in mind, it can be said that the first house is important for all of us. Because it reveals our personality, nature, body, health and appearance, color etc., which have great importance in life.Best astrologer in Mumbai Borivali | Muhurtas(Opens in a new browser tab)

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