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If you want to get rid of debt then do not borrow on this day

Borrowing is a dilemma that everyone wants to avoid. But many times the ups and downs in life force everyone to take loans in some form or the other. It is not wrong to borrow or give when needed, it is wrong not to repay it on time because it is a matter related to the dignity of the person and mutual relations.


Unable to repay the loan: This transaction becomes painful when the borrower is unable to repay the loan even if he wants to and loses his credit in front of the world. Along with this the person lending himself feels cheated with the loss of money. In both cases, the relationship is at stake, and at times, disputes arise.


Watching every aspect: Astrology keeps an eye on every aspect of life and offers solutions to the problem in most situations. In this critical and urgent situation of life, astrology gives many remedies to save people's wealth, respect, and mutual relations. Many such Muhurtas have been told in astrology, keeping in mind that if borrowed or given, then its return becomes easy, easy.
This Muhurta is beneficial not only for the borrower but also for the giver. According to them, if the lender or borrower takes or gives loans after taking care of certain days, varas, or constellations, then it gets resolved without any hassle.


Do not take loans on Sankranti: The day of Sankranti is considered prohibited for taking loans, because Vriddhi Yoga remains on this day. The loan taken on this day keeps on increasing and it becomes difficult to repay it. Avoid borrowing as much as possible even on Tuesdays. Similarly, if it is a Sunday with Hasta Nakshatra, then one should never take a loan on that day.
On taking a loan on this day, there are many obstacles in the completion of the work, and time gets stretched in repaying the loan. Borrowing taken in all the three Muhurtas becomes the trap of the soul and it becomes impossible to get rid of it even by making every effort.


Do not ignore the constellations: In the matter of lending and lending, special care should be taken of the position of the constellations. It is believed that neither loan should be taken nor given in Krittika, Rohini, Ardra, Ashlesha, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttarashada, Visakha, and Jyeshtha Mool Nakshatras. The debt given or taken in these nakshatras can never be resolved, that is, the burden of debt remains on the head till the end of life.
This situation reflects the saying of living in debt and dying in debt. In the matter of lending, the day of Bhadra Vyatipat or Amavas is particularly critical. The loan given on this day is never returned. Loans given in these Muhurtas give rise to quarrels, disputes. Sometimes these disputes reach the court.
Refund matters reaching litigation not only lead to loss of respect for the person, mental agony to both the parties and many debts go head-on in the settlement of one debt. That is why do not do loan transactions even after forgetting about these two Muhurtas.


Repay the loan on Tuesday: Tuesday is the best day to repay the loan, on this day, the possibility of repaying the loan again becomes minimum. Similarly, do not give loans to anyone during the day on Wednesday. Do not transact money on any day at the time of diya-light i.e. between seven and eight in the evening. Avoid even normal money dealings at this time, do not take loans at all.
Although it has been said that spread as many feet as there are sheets, if the conditions compel you, then by taking care of the above-mentioned Muhurtas, you can prevent this crisis in life from becoming permanent. The purpose of astrology is to remove the difficulties of a person's life and make it easy. Therefore, by calculating the day, clock, wise, be a little cautious, do important work like money transactions so that your credit, kinship, and happiness of life remain.

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