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astrologer in dilshad garden pukhraj

Who should wear pukhraj if Jupiter is in the fifth house?-An explanation by astrologer in dilshad garden:-
If Jupiter is sitting in the fifth house then it gives good results. The Guru of the fifth house gives rise to fortune, gets higher education. Such people are religious and honest. The health of such people is fine and the child gives wealth along with happiness. Therefore, wearing topaz remains beneficial, but let us know what other benefits a person of which ascendant gets from wearing topaz.
By wearing topaz, you will get child happiness by astrologer in dilshad garden :- Aries Ascendant- Guru being the owner of the ninth and twelfth house, the owner of the fifth house will be situated in the fifth house in the friend zodiac Leo. By wearing topaz, children will get happiness, good fortune will increase and there will be a chance to travel abroad.
Taurus Ascendant- Jupiter will be in the fifth house in the fifth house by becoming the eighth lord. Wealth gains will increase by wearing topaz. There will be benefit of wealth property in inheritance. Some people may get stuck insurance money. Some people may also get money from some unknown source. But health may remain somewhat loose.
Gemini Ascendant-Guru will be sitting in the fifth house as the seventh house-tenth. The horoscope of such people can become the sum of love-marriage. Wearing topaz will lead to progress in business and some people may get promotion in the job.
Cancer Ascendant-Guru, being the sixth-bhagyesh, will be situated in the fifth house in Scorpio. Wearing topaz to such people can result in sudden wealth and property gains. You will get happiness and cooperation from friends. But diseases and secret enemies can also arise.
Wear topaz with care Leo Ascendant-Guru being the fifth house-the eighth lord, will be situated in the fifth house in Sagittarius. Those who have a good marriage, they will get wealth from unknown sources by wearing topaz. There will be an increase in child happiness. Therefore, wearing topaz will be beneficial.
Virgo Ascendant-Guru will be situated in its debilitated sign Capricorn in the fifth house by becoming the fourth lord-saptamesh. Therefore, wearing topaz can prove to be harmful. Dispute or separation between husband and wife, domestic disturbance will arise and there may be loss of wealth and property.
Libra Ascendant- Guru being the third lord and sixth house will be sitting in Aquarius in the fifth house. Therefore, wear Pukhraj carefully. Both auspicious and inauspicious results can be obtained.
Scorpio Ascendant-Guru will be sitting in his Pisces sign in the fifth house by being the second lord-sixth house. Therefore, by wearing topaz, the financial condition will be strong, children will get happiness and health will also improve.
Wealth will be gained by wearing topaz
Sagittarius-Jupiter being ascendant-fourth house will be situated in the fifth house in the sign of your friend, Aries. Therefore, by wearing topaz, one will get the happiness of home and vehicle. Financial condition will improve and people troubled by the disease will get relief.
Capricorn Ascendant-Guru will be dwadashesh-thirtieth house and will be situated in Taurus in the fifth house. Wearing topaz will give mixed results of auspicious and inauspicious. Therefore, wear topaz carefully.
Aquarius Ascendant-Jupiter will be benefic-secondary and will be situated in Gemini in the fifth house. Therefore, by wearing topaz, there will be an increase in wealth and health will improve. There will be a pleasant and happy atmosphere in the family.
Pisces Ascendant-Guru, being the tenth-ascendant, will be situated in Cancer in the fifth house. Therefore, wearing topaz will lead to progress in work and business. Success will increase and there will be promotion in the job.

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