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astrologer in karol bagh retrograte Venus

Astrologer in karol bagh asks how will your love life be in retrograte Venus Love is becoming the biggest need of the day. No matter how hustle and bustle a person's life may be, he definitely wants two moments of love and peace. He wants a partner with whom he does not have any kind of tension. He could share everything in his heart with her. That's why he keeps looking for love.
But this wish of all the people is not fulfilled. Few are lucky who get reciprocation of love. Do you know why it happens that if love comes early in someone's life then no one can ever get it. It's all a game of planets.
Venus is the representative planet of love, attraction, youth, lust and beauty. The person whose Venus is strong is lucky in the matter of love, those whose Venus is weak, they keep wandering to get two moments of love.
Married life will be affected explains astrologer in karol bagh:
Aries: For Aries, Venus will be retrograde in the seventh house. The seventh place is for love, married life and life partner. The effect of Venus retrograde in this place will directly affect the love life of the people of Aries. You will lose your love because of your arrogance and stubborn attitude. It will be fine only if you sit down and solve the problems through mutual dialogue.
Taurus: For this zodiac, Venus will be retrograde in the sixth house. Venus is the lord of Taurus sign, so people of this zodiac need not panic. In the matter of love, the situation will be balanced. Yes, if you insult your partner then you may have to suffer. In financial matters, people of this zodiac may have to suffer some loss.
Gemini: For the people of Gemini zodiac, Venus will be retrograde in the fifth house. You may get a love affair soon. Old relationships can be deceiving. If you give any gift to your spouse, then love will be strong. Some new friends can be found from whom gifts will be exchanged. Women have to preserve relationships.
Cancer: For this zodiac, Venus will be retrograde in the fourth place i.e. happiness. Venus retrograde in happiness will not give the right effect. There will be some reduction in your material pleasures. You have to be careful in the matter of love. Somebody can cheat you by trapping you in love. Be especially careful with women.
Venus is retrograde in the third house for Leo sign Leo: Venus is retrograde in the third house for Leo. You may have to face humiliating situation in the family because of your love. People whose love relationship is broken recently, they are going to get new love soon and can go on a romantic journey with their new love.
Virgo: Venus will retrograde in the second place of the people of this zodiac. You should understand the feelings of your love partner, give them time and give gifts to each other to maintain the warmth in the relationship. Take your partner for a romantic dinner. To maintain a good relationship, it is necessary to take care of each other.
Libra: Venus will be retrograde in the Ascendant of Libra. You will find such a person as a love partner, about whom you used to think only in your thoughts till now. Married people will have extramarital affairs, but keep in mind that there should be no deception. Women have to take care that no one should play with your feelings.
Scorpio: Venus will be retrograde in the twelfth place for the people of this zodiac. The lord of this zodiac is Mars, so special efforts will have to be made to maintain the warmth in your love. You are likely to have more than one love affair. You will fall in love with someone who will give you a lot of attention, care, love and respect. It is possible that you make him your life partner.
Sagittarius: Venus will retrograde in the eleventh house of the people of this zodiac. The lord of the zodiac is Jupiter, so your love will be of a very sattvik type. You will find such a love partner who will love you more than life and he will become your life partner. Keep in mind that your partner should not feel bad about anything about you.
Capricorn: For the people of Capricorn, Venus will be retrograde in the tenth house. The people of this zodiac will prove to be lucky in the matter of love. Till now, if you have been deprived of the feeling of love, then it is possible that your wish will be fulfilled now. Whether you are a man or a woman, someone of the opposite sex is getting attracted towards you and you can get a gift soon.
Aquarius: The effect of Venus retrograde in the ninth house for this zodiac can prove to be somewhat disturbing. There is going to be a rift in your love relationship. There will be differences with the spouse. But one thing will be good that you will soon find a partner with whom you can go on a fun trip.
Pisces as per astrologer in karol bagh: The retrograde of Venus in the eighth house will be auspicious for this zodiac. With Jupiter being the lord of Pisces, love will be strong, strong and true. You will get more than one love proposal. So even if a relationship is broken, a new one can be found.

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