astrologer in mayur vihar phase 1 Dhanishtha

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astrologer in mayur vihar phase 1 Dhanishtha

Astrologer in mayur vihar phase 1 - Dhanishtha Nakshatra people are very caring and loving...

To get information about nature, qualities, fortune, etc. from your birth constellation, know about the following five constellations.
They are very fond of wearing jewellery. Reach high positions in government jobs. 15, 19 and 23 years are not auspicious in their life. Due to their qualities, they become famous personalities in the society.
Shatabhisha The people born in this nakshatra are wealthy, truthful, charitable, famous, intelligent, smart and conquerors of enemies. They get special success in political work. The 28th year of their life is very important. The main decisions of life take place in this age. If the wrong decision is taken in this time then it becomes addict and bookie.
The people born in this nakshatra are the owners of a healthy and beautiful body in Purvabhadrapada. They also have a lot of money and spend too much. Straight talker, who is speaking to whom and for this reason gradually their popularity starts decreasing. They don't like their criticism either. They get angry at the slightest things. Despite being rich, they have a small mind. cheat on a woman.
The people born in this constellation are mighty, courageous and intelligent. Their fortunes happen in the 27th or 31st year. Luck favors them every step of the way and whatever work they start, they take their breath only after reaching the end. Never run away from troubles. No matter how difficult the situation may come, they do not give up. He is a successful writer and musician. Home life is successful.
Revathi The people born in this nakshatra are the ones who serve their parents. Speech and intellect are sharp. Happy with friends. Sadhus are by nature. The 17th, 21st and 24th year of life are bad. Their body remains healthy and healthy. Wealthy but passionate, there are poets, writers, journalists, novelists. They get a character, a well-rounded life partner.
Astrologer in mayur vihar phase 1 - Bala is beautiful, women born in Chitra Nakshatra, know about the six constellations in the third part of knowing the nature from the constellation. How is the behavior, thinking, work of the people born in these constellations. How can they contribute to the progress of family, society and country.

astrologer in mayur vihar Rohini Nakshatra(Opens in a new browser tab)

Astrologer in Mayur Vihar phase 3(Opens in a new browser tab)

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Astrologer in Mayur Vihar phase 3 - Vedicastrologerkapoor Dec 07, 2021 - Tuesday

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