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Astrologer in Mumbai Andheri west - Beware of retrograte Jupiter or else it is not too late to become a rook from the king    
People often get scared after hearing the name of retrograte planet. They interpret the curvature of the planets as negative. If any planet is retrograde in the birth chart, then people understand that something bad will happen to them, but this is not the absolute truth. If any planet is sitting in a good position in the horoscope and it is retrograde, then it gives benefits to the person and if any planet in the horoscope is conjoined with other malefic planets or is in the aspect of malefic planets, then it gives bad effect.
Today we are talking about Jupiter. If Jupiter is retrograde in the birth chart of a person, then understand that the doors of his luck are open. The people with retrograde Jupiter also become successful in those tasks in which other people fail. Such people start work from the place where other people get frustrated and stop the work. The people with retrograde Jupiter have an amazing ability and ability to work.
Retrograde Jupiter can also make the person a king: If such a person puts his hand in any closed project, then it starts twice at the speed and gives immense benefits to them. With the help of other auspicious planets, retrograde Jupiter can also make the native a king. If we talk about nature, then the people whose retrograde Jupiter is in the horoscope, are visionary and take people along. Such people know in advance that who will benefit them in the future and who can be cheated.
It is auspicious for some and mixed results for others: So they proceed accordingly after being conscious in advance. However, retrograde Jupiter has different results in different houses. It is auspicious for some houses and gives mixed results for others.
Astrologer in Mumbai Andheri west - Retrograte in ascendant
First House: If Jupiter is retrograde in the first house of Ascendant, then the person becomes learned and especially revered. He is the owner of a healthy and beautiful body. Such a person enjoys a lot of respect in public life, but on the other hand, fails to do the right justice in many cases. Becomes biased towards his beloved and cannot be honest towards others.
Second House: Retrograde Jupiter is in the second house, then the person spends carelessly. He would get ancestral property, so he does not understand its importance and spends indiscriminately. If Venus is conjunct with retrograde Jupiter in the 2nd house, then the person is fond of a luxurious lifestyle, luxury house, and jewelry. Efficient in speaking, eloquent, generous, and generous. Wife gets happiness.
Third House: If Jupiter is retrograde in the third house of the person's horoscope, then its mixed effect should be understood. Such a person reaches high positions by his own efforts. Initially careless in the field of education but later reaches a high level. Accumulating wealth also does a lot, but as soon as they reach excessive wealth and high position, they become arrogant and insult others. become unjust.
Fourth House: The retrograde Jupiter sitting in the fourth house makes a person arrogant. Such a person is not generous towards his family and society. He walks with prejudices about others and in his mind keeps enmity with many people. If these people change their behavior, then it is not impossible for them to achieve anything in life. Wealth, honor, fame, fame can be achieved.
Fifth House: If Jupiter is retrograde and sitting in the fifth house, then the person does not have much attachment towards his children. Such a person makes physical relations with many women apart from his wife.
The fifth retrograde guru is also a hindrance to the happiness of children. If Jupiter is in Aquarius or Cancer in the fifth house, then the person will not have a child. If it is in Pisces, then there are fewer children. If it is in Sagittarius, then after a lot of troubles, children are born. However, a person with Panchamastha retrograde Jupiter is the head of his class, wealthy and influential in the government sector.
Sixth House: If there is retrograde Jupiter in the sixth house, then the person is strong, powerful and the one who defeats the enemies. There is more profit in the job than in the business. Such people reach high positions in the health department. People with 6th retrograde Jupiter are careless about their own health. Such people are suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, liver-related diseases.
Seventh house: The people of the seventh house are lucky after marriage. Spouse is high family, wealthy, benevolent and gives happiness. If there is a guru in Aries, Leo, Gemini, or Sagittarius, then higher education, if Aquarius is the guru, then the son is worried about the children. A person is very ambitious if he is the guru of Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. If Libra or Capricorn is the Guru, then it is an indicator of a relationship with two wives or other women.
Eighth house: If there is retrograde Jupiter in the eighth house, then the person becomes the king of the world of the occult, black magic. Such a person has the fear of death in an accident. If the eighth retrograde Jupiter is sitting with auspicious planets, then the person gets ancestral wealth. Such a person becomes a great astrologer, astrologer, scholar, and wealthy.
Ninth House: If the retrograde Jupiter is in the ninth house, then the person is the owner of a four-story building or four buildings. There is a close relationship between the king and the high officials of the government. Such persons have also been seen religiously. If they do not have their favorite thing, then such a person gets angry quickly and will do anything to satisfy his mind.
Tenth House: A person with tenth retrograde Jupiter has more prestige than his father, grandfather. Such a person is rich and dear to the king. Secondly, the various opposing activities of the person having retrograde Jupiter in the tenth house hinder their development. Due to irresponsible actions and weak decision-making ability, they miss many opportunities.
Eleventh House: If there is a retrograde Jupiter in the 11th house, then the person constantly tries to move forward, but due to friendship with people from lower classes, their standard of living remains normal. The thinking of such persons is also small. They also waste money because of friendships with alcoholics, addicts.
Astrologer in Mumbai Andheri west on Twelfth house: The people with retrograde Jupiter in the 12th house invest money in auspicious works. Their secret enemies always try to defame them, but they are protected. They get many opportunities to move forward, but due to not recognizing the opportunities, opportunities are missed. Sometimes they waste time on useless tasks.

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