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astrologer in punjabi bagh Gemstone

Know how gems originated by astrologer in punjabi bagh? 
Where for thousands of years, Indian astrologers have told the positive results and fruits of gems, Rudrakshas, etc. Scientists have found that divine chemical composition exists in gems, rudraksha stones, through which a person can be made happy by changing the results of planets and stars.
What is Gemstone asks astrologer in punjabi bagh?
This is a basic question, by this, we cannot think of inauspicious diagnosis and treatment. For this, it is very important to know first of all. Yes, gems are one type of stone, but not all stones can be gems.
If this difference comes, then gems can be removed from the stone and can be used for the benefit of human life. On the basis of the characteristics of some stones or substances, we can identify them like a diamond, ruby, vaidurya, sapphire, topaz, emerald, etc.
Gems change fate
Since ancient times, the work of gems is considered to be diamond, pearl, ruby, etc. obtained from the ground or sea level. Gemstone shows its effect very quickly in changing fortunes.
Due to being lying inside the earth for millions of years, the earth's magnetization and radiance come in the stone. Gems related to that planet are found in large quantities around the area of the earth in which the planet has more influence.
In fact, the earth creates gems inside itself by the combination of planets. Therefore, only those gems will be called whose beauty and beauty is full of the quality of maximum durability, that is, whose beauty and beauty and the properties of extreme durability remain constant and stable for a long time.
According to the Puranas, for the purpose of killing King Bali, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, asking him for three yards of land in the donation and giving him a boon along with ending his ego. The time when his body was touched by the feet of the Lord, his body had become a gem.
Then Indra struck his body with a thunderbolt, due to which the body of King Bali was shattered into pieces, which Lord Shiva wore on his trident and threw it on the earth by adapting it to the twelve zodiac signs and nine planets located in the universe. Wherever gems fell on the earth, they became the food of gems.

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