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astrologer in rohini sector 9 Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga is there in the horoscope then there will be no rebirth by astrologer in rohini sector 9

Many auspicious and inauspicious yogas are described in Vedic astrology, most of which are associated with wealth, happiness, prosperity and age-health, but have you ever heard of Moksha Yoga. Yes, the description of Moksha Yoga is also found in Vedic astrology.
This is such an auspicious yoga that if it is formed in the horoscope of a person, then it is believed that this person is the last birth on earth. That is, after this birth, his next birth will never happen and he will be free from the bondage of life and death forever. The person who has Moksha Yoga in his birth chart, that person is very virtuous, truthful.
All his actions are auspicious and benevolent. The spirit of detachment and renunciation prevails in the mind of such a person since childhood and he never gets entangled in worldly entanglements. So let us know what is this Moksha Yoga and how is it formed?
Jupiter gives respect as per astrologer in rohini sector 9:-
According to Vedic astrology, the main planet that leads a person to the right path is Jupiter. The person whose Jupiter is dominant in the horoscope never engages in bad deeds. Jupiter always inspires him to follow the right path. Due to Jupiter, the person earns respect and success.
How is Moksha Yoga formed? As mentioned above, it is necessary for Jupiter to be in an auspicious position for Moksha Yoga. It is only because of this planet that a person can walk on the path of salvation. There must be some special planetary conditions for this.
In the horoscope, if Jupiter is sitting in the first, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth or tenth house in Cancer and all other planets are weak, then the chances of attainment of salvation are formed.
- If Jupiter is sitting in Pisces or in the tenth house in the ascendant house of the horoscope and there is no sight of any inauspicious planet on it, then Moksha Yoga is formed.
In the tenth house, if Jupiter becomes completely strong in the sign of Sagittarius and there is no sight of corrupted planets on it, then the person moves towards salvation by doing good deeds.
If there are benefic planets in the 12th house of the horoscope and the lord of the 12th house is in the sign of Swarashi or friend planet. Also, if there is a complete vision of any other auspicious planet on them, then Moksha Yoga is formed.
In this way you can make Moksha Yoga
Many people do not have Moksha Yoga in their horoscope but still their deeds are very auspicious and they have strong desire to attain salvation. Such people should work to make their Jupiter strong. To strengthen Jupiter, try to keep Kama, anger, greed, attachment and item away from you. Have respect and respect for the women of the house as well as the family, society and all the women of the world. By doing charity and charity, Jupiter gets strength and it helps in motivating the person towards salvation. Respect your Guru and do Durga Sadhana, Bhairavi Sadhana etc. under his guidance.

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