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astrologers in mahipalpur strengthen Guru

Jupiter's Compatibility Remedies by astrologers in mahipalpur:If you are afflicted by Jupiter, you are suffering from Jupiter Dasha-Antar Dasha or Jupiter is situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house or you are aspected by malefic planets. In any way, if Jupiter is weakening and giving inauspicious results, then worship Pitambara Vishnu, perform the ritual of Brihaspati fast.

When Jupiter is situated in the twelfth house, the person remains happy during the life of his father and grandfather and after their death, the person has to face many troubles. Therefore, the person must wear gold and turmeric.
Remedies to strengthen Guru by astrologers in mahipalpur
Saffron, turmeric, pulses, gram, gold and brass should be donated to educational institutions and poor students should be donated as much as possible and should do regular service of Peepal tree. Saffron, turmeric, pulses, gram, gold and brass should be donated. The priest of the temple should donate clothes as much as possible.
Must respect your gurus
By dyeing raw cotton in turmeric and tying it on a Peepal tree for eight consecutive Thursdays, the Guru becomes strong.
You must respect your teachers.
Applying turmeric and saffron tilak also gives auspiciousness to the planet Jupiter.
Give 2 gold pieces to the woman according to her husband's ability and throw one of these pieces in water and keep the other with you.
Do these remedies for auspicious results
If Jupiter sitting in the eighth house is proving to be painful, then donating yellow colored items or gram lentils, jaggery etc. gives auspicious results.
Guru sitting in the twelfth house will give wealth but the children will turn out to be evil. In such a situation, one should always apply saffron tilak, water should be given to the peepal tree, serve the saints and saints, always keep the nose clean.
By taking these measures, the children will also walk on the right path and there will be progress in business.
If Jupiter is giving more trouble by sitting anywhere in your horoscope, then after filling the root of Bhangarmool in a talisman, wear it around the neck and on Thursday take bath by putting nagarmotha in water.

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