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astrologers in mumbai khar | Third house Rahu

Astrologers in Mumbai Khar - Know when Rahu is good for you and when is it bad?  
The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu with which planets in the horoscope either pollute its effect or start behaving like them. On the one hand, while Rahu and Ketu cause Kaal Sarp Dosh, on the other hand, the presence of Rahu with different planets in different houses affects the results obtained from that house.
Let us see in which house Rahu gives what results by Astrologers in Mumbai Khar :-
Ascendant House: The presence of Rahu in the first house of the horoscope i.e. Ascendant indicates that the person will have more tendency to do immoral acts. That person is highly lustful, coercive to women of all classes, evil nature, grossly selfish, lowly, weak, having a bad body. Such a person is unrighteous and a destroyer of wealth. But if Rahu is in Aries, Cancer, Leo, then he earns money from the business of gold.
Second House: If Rahu is in the money house, then the person is compelled to live far away from the place of birth. He rarely gets the happiness of children, he does not get the happiness of family and family. Wicked-spoken, lifelong struggler. He is a carnivore and a trader of leather.
Third house: If Rahu is in the third house, then the person is a practitioner of yoga, a participant in the discussions of yoga, prudent, determined, wealthy, businessman, mighty. But there are many enemies in the life of such a person and often loss has to be suffered due to enemies.
Fourth House: The presence of Rahu in the house of happiness makes life miserable and painful. Mother's love is not available. Cruel, arrogant, is troubled by stomach aches. Trying to earn money by lying, scheming, deceit. Such a person has two wives.
Fifth house: When Rahu is in the fifth house, the person becomes retarded, little knowledgeable, poor. She has children at an early age and destroys her own ancestral property. He is a crooked, conspiratorial, evildoer, misogynist, or super-man. If Rahu is in Cancer, then there are many sons.
Sixth house: Sixth house is a disease and enemy place. If Rahu is sitting in it, then the person remains healthy. Enemies cannot stand in front of it, but the person is always suffering from back pain. Despite the friendship of such people with low-class people, they do many big deeds in life.
Seventh House: Seventh house belongs to the life partner. The one who has Rahu in the seventh house destroys the life partner. Incurs continuous losses in business. is itinerant. Struggle and suffers from diseases of the genital organs. If there is a man, then a widow makes a relationship with a woman. If she is a woman, then she falls in love with a man.
Eighth house: If there is Rahu in the place of death, then the person becomes fit and healthy. Angry by nature and in passion, he harms himself. Lust plagues it a lot and is always looking for new ones for sex. If there is any other strong planet in the eighth house, then the person dies in the 60th year.
Ninth House: Rahu of Dharma or Bhagya Bhava is definitely of a virtuous nature, but is not conscious about his own cleanliness. Therefore it is poor and short-lived. There is a lack of child happiness. In the 19th or 29th year, it is difficult for the father.
Tenth House: The place of karma i.e. the tenth Rahu makes the person sluggish, lazy, and speechless. Such a person keeps on bragging while sitting and does nothing. Money is everything for this, but when it comes to earning money, it backfires. Such a person is painful for the child.
Eleventh House: Rahu of the income place does not allow the native to sit in one place. It has to run here and there to earn money. There is no profit in the job, but if he does his own work, then there is profit and he attains wealth and material pleasures.
Twelfth house by Astrologers in Mumbai Khar: The presence of Rahu in the place of expenditure makes the person despicable, deceitful, earner of money by evil deeds. Such a person stays away from the family and tries to raise money by killing people. He suffers from eye diseases, skin diseases.

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