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astrologers in noida years you will live

How many years you will live, the secret opens the place of marriage by astrologers in noida :-

Man is most concerned about his age. The question often arises in his mind that how old will he be. How many years will he live? While jokingly, he tries to ask knowledgeable people in a direct-indirect way, how old is his age.

A person is so much concerned about his age that he is often found saying that fulfill the hobbies that he has, he does not know when he will have to leave.

So the answer to this question is given by your horoscope. But it requires complete knowledge, it is not right to make predictions only by looking at certain situations. Let us know how it is known from the horoscope that what will be the age.
The first place in the horoscope is called the Ascendant. Apart from the physical structure of the person from the Ascendant, his nature, qualities, nature and age are known. There are many other methods of finding age in Vedic astrology, but from the lagna it is ascertained whether the person will be full life, short life or middle age.
Full life is considered to be 100 years, middle age is 64 years and short life is 32 years. If a person is young, it is possible that he will die between birth and 32 years. Madhyayu means if his age is from 32 onwards to 64 years and Poornayu means within 100 years from 64 years.
How to find out whether a person is full life, short life or middle age. For this it is necessary to look at the place of marriage. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is called the king and it is the planet of age. Its full effect is on the place of lagna. If the lord of the Ascendant is a friend of the Sun, then the person attains full life, if the Ascendant is the enemy of the Sun, the person is short-lived and if the Ascendant is equal to the Sun, then the person attains middle age.
Who is the friend, enemy and companion of the Sun
Sun's friendly planets are Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Mercury is the same planet as the Sun
The enemy planets of the Sun are Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.
These are the sun's friends, enemies and similar marriages.
Friend Ascendant by astrologers in noida : Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces
Even Ascendant: Gemini, Virgo
Enemy Ascendant: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius
The Sun's own Ascendant is Leo. Therefore, people with Leo ascendant naturally have longevity.
Any astrologer must also assess other conditions related to age while studying the horoscope. To find the age according to the Ascendant, see the Sun's degrees and also the position of the degrees of the Ascendant with it. Along with this, find out the condition of diseases from the sixth place of the horoscope and the possible causes of death from the eighth place, only then make any kind of prediction.

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